louis tomlinson fan fic


1. Grace



                      Sophies P.O.V

'''i like big butts and I cannot lie-'''  '''Hello?'''  I said annoyed. '''whats wrong with you ?''  Oh god its Grace. Grace is my annoying 13 yearold sister . ''what do you want Grace?'' still annoyed ''What I want is for you to take me to a one direction concert today!''she squealed. ''Grace what happened to BTR,and Justin Bieber and whos One Direction?'' I said ''First of all BTR, and Justin Bieber suck and second of all One Direction is only the BEST band ever!'' she barked. ''Uhhh  fine where and when?''



                                                AT THE CONCERT...........................


''Sophie please let me meet them please!'' ''Hold on Grace!''  ''Their they are!Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp!''

''Come on ,Come on Grace!'' I screamed over the loud fans. As me and Grace walked to get autograghs and meet the guys  I  all the sudden get pulled into a room wait wheres Grace?



                                                                         Authors Note


Hi guys my first movella please dont hate its only my first one! 

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