Don't tell anyone...

Selena is an ordinary 16 year old girl. She gets bullied at school everyday. Her parents and her brother get in a car accident and sadly, they died. Selena is living on her own in an empty flat... just her. But what happens when her brother, the famous Louis Tomlinson, comes with the band to live with her? Will there be romance? What happens when the boys find out that she gets bullied? What happens when three of the boys fall for her and she falls for them... but Louis gets in the way...


9. Three Words



Selena P.O.V.


The plane ride to America wasn't the best..... I'm afraid of heights so if I looked down, I had to run to the toliets and puke.

When the plane ride was finally over with, we got all our luggage and we were off! We were staying at a 5 star hotel and we were gonna be in California for a week and a half. We have a whole week to do whatever we want, and then 4 days of the boys working. The tour was only for about 4 months, so I'm super excited!

When we got to the hotel, we got our room numbers and we were told who we will be sharing a room with. I was sharing with Harry, Louis was sharing with Eleanor, Liam was sharing with Danielle, and Zayn was sharing with Niall.


"This room is huge!" I said, entering in the room. "I know." Harry said, in awe. "Wait, theres only one bed..." I said, hoping there would be another one. "Oh well! Life sucks!" Harry said, winking at me. I just rolled my eyes.

After unpacking, we all met up at the indoor pool. It was very big and clean! I was wearing a black bikini with stripes that Louis bought me and my knitted sweater over it to hide everything.

"Sel, come in the pool!" Eleanor yelled at me. Everyone was in the pool, but me. "I'd rather stay here." I said. "Don't be a baby!" Louis yelled at me. I just rolled my eyes. I was reading my magazine, when I felt hands lifting me up. I looked up to see Zayn carrying me to the pool.

"Zayn!!!! Put me down!" I screamed. But he didn't listen. He then jumped into the pool with me in his arms. "I hate you!" I half yelled, half laughed, splashing water at him. "Sure you do!" He said, laughing as well.


Harry P.O.V.


I saw Selena and Zayn swimming together, laughing, talking. It made me so mad to see her with him. Of course I was jealous! I'm her boyfriend, and she's having fun with another guy. And that guy was my bandmate.

I swam over to her and grabbed her by the waist. I lifted her in the air, her giggling like crazy. "Harry!!!" She yelled, laughing. "Yes babe?" I said, twirling her around in the air. "Put me down." "Ok." I dropped her from mid air, and she was about to touch the water when I catched her.

"I won't let you fall baby." I said, holding her hips, gentaly putting her in the water in front of me. I leaned in and planted my lips onto hers. It was a long and passonite kiss. I licked her bottom lip for enterance, and she let me in. Our tounges explored each others mouths. She jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist, her hands going in my hair. I heard all the cameras going off, people taking pictures, but that didn't pull us apart.

After the kiss, we looked into each others eyes and I said the three words I've been waiting to tell her.

"I love you Selena." "I love you too Harry."


After are pool time fun, we all went back to Louis and Eleanor's room.

"TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!" Louis yelled. We all agreed and got into a circle. "Ok, Danielle, truth or dare?" Liam started. "Truth." ""What was the most embarrasing thing that happened to you in front of me and the boys." "When I got my period and it was the first time I was meeting you guys." she said looking down, her face turning red. "HAHAHA!!!" Eleanor and Selena shouted. "Girls!" Louis yelled, laughing. "Sorry." they looked down, still laughing. "Ok, Harry? Truth or Dare?" Niall asked. "Dare." "I dare you to... Kiss your favorite girl here." I stood up and looked at each girl. I then walked over to Danielle, knelt down, and kiss her.

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