Don't tell anyone...

Selena is an ordinary 16 year old girl. She gets bullied at school everyday. Her parents and her brother get in a car accident and sadly, they died. Selena is living on her own in an empty flat... just her. But what happens when her brother, the famous Louis Tomlinson, comes with the band to live with her? Will there be romance? What happens when the boys find out that she gets bullied? What happens when three of the boys fall for her and she falls for them... but Louis gets in the way...


5. Pool Time!!!!



Zayn P.O.V.


Sel rushed back into the family room, Harry right behind her. They were giggling and laughing. I have to admit, I was pretty jealous. I like Sel. A lot. She just... understands me. She knows what I go through. I've liked her since the first day I met her. I know shes 16 and I'm 20, but... I dont care. I've liked her since I saw her at the X-Factor auditions when she was there for Louis. I would always try to get the boys to practice our songs at Louis's house, just so I could see her.

"So guys and gal, what shall we do today?" Liam asked. "Well, we could go to the pool?" Harry suggested. We all agreed. "Ya, I have a pool in my backyard, and two hot tubs, so it will be fun! Let me go change!" Selena yelled, running up the stairs.

The boys and I agreed to just go swimming in our boxers.

We all walked outside and waited for Sel. She then opened the back door, and came out looking beautiful. She was wearing a bikini bottom, it was blue with white polka dots, and I know she had the top on too, but she had a long sleeve shirt that was above her belly botton. It was like a knitted sweater.

"You look beautiful." Harry said, running over to her, looking at her up and down. Oh god...


Selena P.O.V.


Harry put his hands on my hips, holding a tight grip on me. I smiled at him and threw my arms in his hair and pecked is lips. I then ran to the chairs by the pool and threw myself on a chair. I grabbed the sun tan lotion from the side table and rubbed in on my legs. I put my hair in a messy bun, and layed back and tanned. It was really hot to be wearing this knitted sweater, but I had to. All the boys knew what happened and they understood.

"Come on Sel! Come in the water! It's very warm!" Niall yelled. "Ya, come on love!" Harry shouted to me. "No thanks! I'm staying right he-" But I got cut off my someone lifting my chair. I turned around to see Louis holding the chair in his arms and was going towards the pool.

"Louis!!! Put me down!!!!!" I screamed. "Sorry love. Can't do that." He then tipped me off the chair and I splashed into the water. It was about 6 feet deep and the water felt great against my skin.

As I was swimming across the pool, I felt a grip of hands go onto my waist. I turned around the see a smirking Harry.

"Harry!!!" I yelled. He lifted me up and planted me on his shoulders. "Babe, take off the sweater. We all seen whats under that sweater. It's a beautiful girl hiding a couple of scars and bruises on her beautiful skin." I looked down at the water, blushing. I then lifted up my sweater and took it off. I threw it over to my chair.

"See? You look gorgeous." Harry said, smiling up to me. He then put me back in the water, in front of him. "Thank you Harry." I whispered, wrapping my arms around his neck. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist, while leaning in to kiss him. When are lips touched, I felt sparks. I threw my hands in his hair, and he moaned against my lips. I grinned against his lips. We then started feeling water splashing against us.

"GET A ROOM!!!!" the other boys yelled, while splashing water at us. Harry and I jumped underwater, pecked eachothers lips one more time, and swam to the stairs to get out of the pool.

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