Don't tell anyone...

Selena is an ordinary 16 year old girl. She gets bullied at school everyday. Her parents and her brother get in a car accident and sadly, they died. Selena is living on her own in an empty flat... just her. But what happens when her brother, the famous Louis Tomlinson, comes with the band to live with her? Will there be romance? What happens when the boys find out that she gets bullied? What happens when three of the boys fall for her and she falls for them... but Louis gets in the way...


10. I Hate You!!!



Selena P.O.V.


Harry stopped kissing Danielle, then looked at me. I had a tear going down my cheek. "I hate you! You said you loved me! But I guess that was a lie!" I yelled at him. I got up and ran to my hotel room. I could here Louis yelling, and I knew it was at Harry. I packed all my bags and went to Louis's room. I knocked on the door, and everyone was gone.

"Lou? Can I stay here?" I asked. Louis looked back at Eleanor, and she nodded eagerly. "Alright love." Louis said, opening the door more for me to come in. As soon as I walked in, I fell on the couch and went to sleep.


Harry P.O.V.


I lay in bed in my empty hotel room. She went to stay with Louis, Niall told me, so I was alone. I didn't know why I kissed Danielle. I didn't want to kiss her, I wanted to kiss Sel! But I didn't... and now I lost her.


**1 Month Later***


Louis P.O.V.


It's been a month into the tour. Selena left back home 2 weeks ago, and I missed her like crazy. I was worried about her. We all were. I was ignoring Harry, still pissed at him. He broke my baby sisters heart. I never wanted any of the boys to date her. And if one of them had to, I would want it to be Liam. He's so nice and caring to girls. But since he has Danielle, my second choice for Sel would be Niall.

I was knocked out of my thoughts and Liam was calling my name.

"Lou? You alright?" he asked. "Uh..ya. Just thinking about how I miss Eleanor." I lied. "Ya, I miss Danielle too. But it was nice of them to go back home with Sel." He was right, I'm glad they went with her. One, so they could protect her, and two, I didn't want Eleanor to be on the tour bus with us because I didn't want any of the boys to get to her. We weren't staying at any more hotels, we were staying in the bus.


Harry P.O.V.


I haven't ate for a long time. I didn't sleep for a while. I performed like crap at the concerts. I just miss Selena.

I was on the plane, waiting to arrive in London, back home. When I got off the plane, my phone started to ring. It was Louis.


"WHERE ARE YOU?!" Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall screamed at the same time. I was obviously on speacker.

"I'm in London. I have to see Sel."

"Harry..." Louis started.

"No Louis. I need to apoligize. I miss holding her. I miss kissing her. I miss making her laugh. I miss seeing her smile. I miss hearing her voice. I miss saying I love you to her. I miss calling her mine. I miss her." I said, letting the tears fall from my eyes.

"Please, don't hurt her again. Liam is ordering tickets for us to get home now. We are ending the tour."

"Ok. See ya later Lou."

"Bye Harry."

I then dialed Eleanors number. On the third ring, she answered.

"What Harry."

"I need help with a plan....."

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