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Selena is an ordinary 16 year old girl. She gets bullied at school everyday. Her parents and her brother get in a car accident and sadly, they died. Selena is living on her own in an empty flat... just her. But what happens when her brother, the famous Louis Tomlinson, comes with the band to live with her? Will there be romance? What happens when the boys find out that she gets bullied? What happens when three of the boys fall for her and she falls for them... but Louis gets in the way...


20. Hospital Date



Selena P.O.V.


As everyone left the room, Harry looked at me and smirked. "So, I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me?" he asked smiling. "Harry, I have to stay here." "I know, just, come with me." But before I got up, Kyle ran through the door, tears falling from his eyes.

"Selena!!" He shouted, hugging me tighter then ever. "Kyle!!!!! Why are we shouting?!?!?!" He chuckled. "I'm just excited to see that your awake. I ran into everyone in the hall and they said  you two wanted to be 'alone'," he said winking," So we are gonna spend the day together tomorrow!" He said smiling. I giggled. "Of course!" He then gave me one last hug, said bye to Harry and left.

Harry then grabbed my hand and led me to the cafeteria. When we entered, there was a table set with a red, fancy table cloth, a lit candle, steak, green beans and mashed potatoes on the plates, two glasses of wine, and the bottle of the wine set on the table.

"Oh Harry." I said smiling. I then trudged over to the table and sat down. Harry joined me, his eyes locked on mine. "Do you like it?" He asked hopeful. "Like??? I love it!" I said jumping around in my seat. He chuckled. "Well good. Now eat up!" We ate the delicous food, then went back to my room.

"That was sweet Harry." "Thank you babe." He said, kissing my cheek. "I will see ya tomorrow, alright?" "Ok." I said, disappointed that he was leaving.

When he left, I turned onto my side, and I was out like a light.


When I woke up, Zayn was sitting on the chair beside the bed on his phone. "Zayn?" I asked. "Oh, hey. I came to see you yesterday night, but you were asleep so I just slept here." "You slept here for me?" I asked, shocked. "Of course! I was kind of suprised Harry wasn't here." He said, looking around. "Ya, he came, then left." Before Zayn could reply, my nurse, Tina, walked in with a smile plastered to her face. Tina and I actually became friends. And she was pretty too! She had black, short hair and deep blue eyes.

"Hey Tina! Your happy today!" "Ya, my crush asked me out!" Tina was about 20, so she was still looking for love. "Who?" "The one and only Harry Styles!" She said smiling. She then realized that I was dating him. "Wait, are you guys still dating?" She asked. "Yup." I said, a tear falling from my eye. "OMG Selena, I'm so sorry! He told me you guys broke up!" "Its alright." I said, the tears still falling from my eyes.

Just then, Harry walked in and saw me crying. "Sel-" But I cut him off. "So I met your new girlfriend Harry. You know, when you cheated on me a while ago, I thought you would never do it again. I guess I was wrong. We are done Harry. For good. You broke my heart to many times." "Your dead Styles." Louis said, rushing into the door, with everyone following him. I guess they heard....

"Come here babe!" Eleanor said, hugging me. I let the tears fall from my eyes. Sarah sat next to me, hugging me as well. All the boys were in the hallway, yelling at Harry. Then, Kyle rushed through the door and pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry what that ass did to you Sel." Kyle said. "It's ok Kyle." I had more tears run down from my face. "Umm, Selena. Your aloud to go home now." Was all Tina said, before leaving the room, as she was crying as well. I grabbed all my things and walked outside to see Harry on the floor crying, and the other boys talking.

"Let's go Sel. Liam and Zayn went to your flat and they are having Harry live with Zayn, Sarah, and I." Niall said, hugging me. All I could do was nod. Then, Harry got up from the floor and walked up to me. "Look, Sel-" "No Harry. You just don't truly love me." "Yes I do!" he yelled. "Well you have a funny way of  showing it." I yelled. And with that, I took Kyle's hand and he led me through the doors and to his car.


We arrived at my flat minutes later. We walked in to see Liam and Zayn carrying boxes all over the place. "Oh, hey Sel! We are just moving the last box to my flat." Zayn said, exiting the door. Liam came up to me, hugged me, then left as well. "I'm sorry Kyle, but I just want to be alone." "Alright. Call me if you need anything. I will be with Billy." Billy was Kyle's boyfriend and Billy was super sweet!"

"Alright." Kyle kissed my cheek, then left me to be alone.


Harry P.O.V.


I sit in my new room, thinking about Selena. How could I do that to her? Tina was pretty, but not as gorgeous as Selena. And now I lost her because of a dumb mistake I made. I knew she would never forgive me for what I did. I tried calling her, texting her, emailing her... But no responce. I even got the courage to go to her flat, but when I knocked, there was no answer.

I walked downstairs and went into the kitchen to find Selena and Zayn talking. They didn't see me, so I hid behind the corner and listened to their conversation.

"I don't know what to do Zayn. I think I still love Harry. I don't want to, but I do." I saw a tear trickle down her face. I just wanted to go up to her and tell her everything was going to be alright.

"It's ok babe. Things will get better. I promise. Look, I started dating this new girl, Perrie, and she needs a place to stay. She can't stay here since it's to crowded-" She then cut him off. "Look, I know you want to live with her. How about Harry moves back in with me. Maybe him and I can talk?" "Alright. I will go talk to Harry." I then rushed back into my room, and threw myself on the bed just in time, because Zayn walked in.

"Hey Haz?" "Ya mate?" I asked, standing up. "Look, Perrie needs a place to stay. Is it ok if you move back in with Sel? She said it was ok." "Alright!" I said, a little to excited. "Alright mate. I will go tell her." He soon left me alone, smiling life a complete idiot.

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