Saving You

Connor Grey is a....strange person. Well he IS 6'0 ft tall, he has two different colored eyes and well...his scar makes people afraid. But Liam Bell, his best friend, came along and helped him with his loneliness. Then a strange girl bumps into him one day, and he strangely finds her attractive....He suddenly is in a situation which he is torn between his best and this strange girl. Who will he pick?


2. Chapter 2

"Who was chasing you?" I asked while searching through my clothes for something warm for her to wear. God I hate not knowing her name, I just want to know more about her. Her beautiful blue eyes and long blonde hair just drives me crazy. I've never really had this feeling before, but as what Liam told me, "I'm in love."

"I...I dont know....I just knew that they were there...and they were bad." She said. I sighed "Do you even remember your name? Why cant you remember anything?" I picked out some clothes that looked like they would maybe fit her. "I...I think my name was...Ellie? No...It started with a E.....Eleanor? I think its Eleanor, and I dont know why I cant remember anything...I wish I could...but I cant." 

"Here, change into these." I handed her the clothes and headed for the door. "Wait..." She said. "What? Whats the matter?" She paused for a moment. "I dont know how..." She mumbled. "You dont know how to dress yourself?" I asked confused. "No....." She said looking down. I sighed "Alright...Uhm..put both arms straight up and turn around.........." I had to fight off a blush.

She turned around and put both arms straight up, just like I asked. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes tightly, and pulled her shirt up until I felt it come off with ease. "O....Okay.. Now just pull the other shirt back over your head." I said. I heard her struggle a bit until she said "I think I got it.." I opened my eyes. 

My shirt was like a dress on her, obviously too long. She had put it on right though, "Now just do the same with the pants...I'll be in my room changing...Okay?" She nodded and I rushed out. My face was burning hot, who knew that this would be the first time I undressed a girl? I walked down the hall and into my room, closing the door behind me. 

I took a few moments to just breath and clear my head of what happened, but eventually I threw my shirt off and rummaged threw my drawers to find a shirt. I felt ice cold hands on my back. I jumped, startled of course, but turned to find Eleanor in the most baggiest clothes possible. 

"How did this happen?..." She asked while tracing the scar all the way down my back. I shivered "Uh...I dont actually know." I grabbed a random shirt and threw it on, feeling uncomfortable shirtless in front of a girl. "Does it hurt..?" She looked at me with sad eyes. "No, not anymore." I laughed.   

"Oh...okay." My phone rang. I picked it up and answered "Liam?" "Yeah, you ready? I'll be there in five minutes." He said. "Uh...slight delay...I'm going to bring someone with me." I mumbled. "What? Dude! You said I couldnt bring Jade so why do you get to bring someone?" Jade was Liam's girlfriend, a total bitch. 

"Cause, Well...shes being...chased and I need to help her." I said. "Chased? What is she a criminal?.....Wait....Is she cute?" He asked. "Very." I said without meaning to. "She comes then, be ready in like two seconds." He hung up. I shrugged and looked up and down at Eleanor, she wasnt wearing shoes. "Do you need boots?"

She did the cutest shrug and looked around. I quickly grabbed a pair of my moms old boots and gave them to her. She put them on, but didnt tie them. "Let me guess, you dont know how to tie shoes either?" She shook her head no "Sorry..." I crouched down and tied her shoes, being that I could hear Liam honking outside. 

"Alright, lets go.." I headed for the door when she grabbed my hand. "I...It's okay if I do this right?" She asked nervously. I stopped breathing for a minute and then nodded. "Yeah..." I squeezed her cold hands in return and walked out the door. 

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