Saving You

Connor Grey is a....strange person. Well he IS 6'0 ft tall, he has two different colored eyes and well...his scar makes people afraid. But Liam Bell, his best friend, came along and helped him with his loneliness. Then a strange girl bumps into him one day, and he strangely finds her attractive....He suddenly is in a situation which he is torn between his best and this strange girl. Who will he pick?


1. Chapter 1

The bell rang, and people literally ran out. Winter break, heaven for most high school students. For me, it's just a boring week of doing nothing. I grabbed my backpack and headed towards the door. "Connor!" My teacher, Mrs.Comeird, said. She thinks she can "help" me with my "anti-social" problem. 

I don't have a "anti-social" problem. I just don't think people want to talk to a six foot, two colored eyed, scar infested freak. "I think you would make lovely friends with Ethan White! You two have so much in common!" She clasped her hands together and cooed. "Fuck that!-" I stopped myself. "Sorry.." I mumbled. She just sighed and shook her head. "That Liam is no good for you! " 

I laughed "And how would you know? I have been best friends with Liam sense we were little, he's my friend and no one is going to change that." I heard a familiar chuckle "That was so touching! I'm getting all teared up!" Liam laughed. I rolled my eyes and walked out, past my laughing friend. 

"Wait!" He ran, and caught up with me. "So, I'm your friend?" He joked. "Shut up! I only said that to get her off my back." I opened the door, and walked outside into the parking lot. "You giving me a ride?" I asked. "Yeah, trucks' over there." He pointed to his silver truck.  As I followed him, I searched through my bag, finding a Pepsi and a Yoo-hoo for Liam. "Here." I handed him the Yoo-hoo after getting into the truck.

"Dude, you always know how to brighten my day." He laughed. "So we're still going to my dad's cabin right?" Liam's dad owned a big cabin up in the mountains. "Yeah, just got to pack some clothes is all. When are you picking me up?" I opened my Pepsi and took a long gulp. 

"How about six? That way we can get on the road and be there by nine." That gave me three hours. 


Liam's phone rang. He dug it out of his pocket and answered it. "Hello? Mom?" He asked. "No I cant....Mom..Ugh....Alright I'll be there in a minute." He hung up and stopped the car. "We're 5 blocks from your house, my mom needs to pick up my sister. You can walk right?" I shrugged and got out, while waving. I watched him drive off and turn the corner. 

I started walking towards my house and kept my head low. I hate when people stare at me, which they usually do. In this town I was recognized from either my height or my scar. Not to mention my eyes either. Don't ask me how I ended up six feet tall or have two different colored eyes. It just happened...

As for my scar, I really dont remember how I got it. Mom told me I fell down a hill, though I dont believe her. I mean the scar goes across my neck and all the way down my back. I went to turn the corner when a girl ran into me and fell. "Woah! Jeez, I'm sorry." I helped her back up. She looked up at me with kind eyes that soon turned into terror.

Wouldnt blame her, I'm not exactly the looker. "You have to help me! I have to get away! They're coming for me!" She panicked and looked around. "Calm down, Who's coming after you?" I asked. She looked back up at me "Them. Please just hide me!" She suddenly wrapped her arms around my waist. "Please! Hide me!"

I was a little shocked that a girl had actually hugged me. I couldnt leave her if she was being chased, could I? No I couldn't, I wouldnt. "Follow me." I lead her down the block to my house, and rounded the corner and up my porch steps. I opened the door and called in "Mom?" No answer.

I let her in and she stood there, just looking around. I just now noticed that she was wearing shorts, with a white v-neck, and sneakers with no jacket. She was shaking, but it didnt look like she cared. I took off my sweat shirt and put it on her. "Uhm...Well...This is my house." I said awkwardly. She didnt say anything so I continued " you have a name?" She walked into my living room and sat down on the couch.

I sat down next to her and repeated "Do you have a name?" She looked at me again, with the same kind eyes. She moved closer and put both of her hands on my cheeks. Her hands were cold, like ice even. She trailed her fingers down my jawline and traced my scar. "You're beautiful.." She mumbled. 


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