The girl with the red lipstick

Never trust what you don't know... this is like a fan fiction it has to do with Justin bieber , one direction and Cody Simpson. Its about a girl who has the problems of a life time who ends up meeting Justin and he changes her whole world around or does he?


3. Tying Loose ends


My phone rings i look at it and its him
"Going to kill her." he said "I have too she knows now im scared shes going to tell" I say almost about to cry. "Its okay dont cry meet me later at the coffee shop." "Okay," i say. 


      I hated everything i have done and everything i do, Its annoying.


                                                   ******           Cary's P.O.V        *******

I have to go to the police with this. Maybe they can help protect me i dont trust my daughter. I mean look at everything she has done. I wait for her to leave with Cody and i run out. I go to the police department. "Hi is officer Gordon here." i say, hey know i know him that's my older brother. "Yes sit right over there hell be with you in a minute." I nod my head and sit down. I keep looking out the window to make sure Marisa wasn't there. 


                                                  *****           Marisa's P.O.V   *****

"Im just scared." i say "Scared of what dont be scared."he says we get into the limo and he ells me everything's gonna be alright. He kisses me. "You just have to go with the plan all the way." He kisses me and i kiss him back harder. We end up at his house and go to his room. He takes off my shirt and i take off his. I keep kissing him until my phone rings to the song Take you. "I like your ringtone." he says we both laugh. "Its Cody." i say "Hey i just came out a little bit with Justin we went to grab a coffee....okay....okay....10 minutes....bye." i look at Justin. "I gotta go. hes meeting me at the coffee shop." i say sadly. "Awwww, come on just one more kiss." he kisses me and i kiss him back. i put on my shirt and walk off. I get in the car and drive off fix my hair and put on my red lipstick. i park the car and i see Cody park behind me. "Hey babe," He says "Hey." "So you want to go get some food." he says scratching the back of his head. "Okay." we go out to eat pizza and i tell him to drop me off a the police department cause of my uncle. He kisses me and i walk inside. He leaves. I see my mom and quickly go behind the bushes i see her about to come out. I grabbed a big rock and as she came out i smashed it on her head and dragged her body. I grabbed her car keys and drove up the hill until i got to a tree then i parked the car and dragged her body out.


                                                                 *****Cary's P.O.V *****

I have the biggest headache and all i see is an alley. As i look i see a body and when i look at the face it is KINA. I covered my mouth and started crying. Marisa through me on the bed and then tied my hand to the wall. "I told you i TOLD YOU DONT DO THAT." she said freaking out walking back and forth. "I-i-i-" i could barley get the words out my mouth. "DONT SAY ANYTHING. i didn't want to do this mom, dont scream." she shot me in the leg. The screams pained her i could tell. She had the gun pointed at my head "I-Love---" BANG........


                                                              *****Marisa's P.O.V.*********

i call kammara. "Kammara, shes done you know who is next.... I dont want to do it though... i know he wont undertand..... i know i have to tie my loose ends."

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