The girl with the red lipstick

Never trust what you don't know... this is like a fan fiction it has to do with Justin bieber , one direction and Cody Simpson. Its about a girl who has the problems of a life time who ends up meeting Justin and he changes her whole world around or does he?


7. The date was set

Dear diary, February 18th 2013

Cody hasn’t texted me and Justin has been sending me non-stop videos and I just love it .i haven’t wrote in you in a while but its fine right? I still love you. Oh Kimmara told Laura about all of us. And it has been easier to talk about things we just didn’t say Justin was involved nope that would kill her TRUST ME. I just started thinking about mom when the news came on and said that she hasn’t been in work and I guess her Ex-boyfriend heard me say that she hasn’t been home in a while. I guess I was thinking aloud again, I do that a lot. Anyways they say they are coming to the house so I better start practicing my acting skills and call the cops so they don’t suspect a thing. I don’t need anybody on my back. I’m also going to call Cody or text him I need my relationship with him good or just keep it like this. Well I have to go Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥

I go downstairs and tell everyone about what happened they were surprised and told me to go call the cops so they don’t suspect anything and tell them that my mom hasn’t came in a while. I ran to the phone and called the police department but I thought maybe we should just take a trip. I told the girls and they smiled. They went to get there makeup bag and did my makeup they made it look like if my makeup is running so they could see me cry or think I was. We got in my car and drove off, I turned on the GPS and l looked through places and found the police department. "Still don’t know where the police department is you have been busted like 10 times for having weed on you like an idiot." Carmen said looking at me, Kimmara nodded in agreement and Laura looked puzzled and didn’t really know what was going on till she finally got it. Carmen and Kimmara laughed and I laughed too but ignored it and drove off. We probably had gotten there in like 10-15 minutes. I parked the car and looked at everyone and then went inside and started crying. Officer Reynolds saw me. "Whats wrong Marisa you look awful," he said looking for chair to sit me down. I looked up at him. "My mom she hasn’t came home in a while and I don’t know what happened and I hate thinking the worst of things. I heard it in the news and I just thought she went on a business trip or something I don’t know. So I thought I'd come here." I said as he gave me a tissue. "Well I will go report it and in the mean time do you have anyone you could stay with." I looked up at him wiping my face. "My friends said they wouldn’t mind staying with me at the house." I said a little bit more happier but tried to bring it down a notch. "Well That’s good, perfect. Well you should go get some sleep and ill call you tomorrow while I write the missing persons report." He sad while rubbing my back. I looked up and nodded and left out the door. I through the tissue behind me and got a text from Cody. Probably the first one in weeks. It read: Hey Marisa I’m sorry I haven’t texted or called in a while but I was on tour I just got a break and wanted to know if you wanted to go out on a date before I have to go make an appearance on Justin's tour. Okay well text me back Love you. I looked at it and texted back: Hey Cody and its fine I understand and yeah maybe we could go out probably on the low since your getting more famous we don’t have to worry about Paparazzi and the thousands of girls. I sent the text and he replied: Lol and okay tomorrow? Ill pick you up. I texted him back with an okay and closed the phone and got in the car. Carmen passed me the makeup remover and my red lipstick and eyeliner. It took about 5 minutes but I did it. I told them about Cody and how I am going to tell him probably next week or something and exactly whats has to happen if he doesn’t compromise. Laura looked down and looked at Kimmara, "So if I didn’t compromise that would have happened to me." Kimmara started to cry, "Yes and I would hate it so much just like Carmen hated hers and just like Marisa is probably going to hate hers." I looked down at the starring wheel and was trying to hold back the tears. I mean I cared for Cody and we've actually became best friends. And nothing is worse than hurting your best friend in the killing sort of way. Carmen patted my shoulder and said it was going to be alright. I looked up at her "No its not." I put the car in drive and went off too the house. The ride was quite that you could probably hear an actual pin drop, not how people say you can and its not true but all you can here was the motor and the people from outside living there lives. We got home and I told the girls I will be inside in a minute. Carmen looked like if she didn’t want to leave me. "Go, ill be fine I’m .. hungry, ill bring back some pizza." Carmen nodded and went inside with Kimmara and Laura. Carmen kept looking back to see if I was alright, I mean I’m fine I’m just a killer on the loose. I parked my car and went to the bench and sat down. I took out a Hershey bar out and started eating it. A duck came up to me so I gave it a piece. It left when its family came, it made me think of my family or what was left of it. My real family is somewhere I don’t really remember and I hat remembering. Remembering is like a memory that plays like a movie inside your head and I hate every second of it, until it comes to Justin. Man I love that kid. I got happy and looked down. I thought I should go home and get my mood better and keep thinking about Justin and not Cody, ahhh crap I just did. "Okay Justin thoughts not Cody but Justin," I said to myself as I was driving home. I parked the car in the driveway and went inside I unlocked the door and Bam seen everyone sitting down laughing and talking. Carmen looked back and seemed happy that I was home, I bet you she thought I wouldn’t come back. "Hey guys," "Hey," they said. I looked at them and put my jacket down and sat on the couch and just thought about everything I get a video message from Justin and we were just video chating. "So, when are you planning the thing." he said that and I looked down I haven’t really thought about that in a while I mean That’s the last thing I thought about was Cody and I mean I was trying not too. "Probably the day after tomorrow or this weekend." I said shrugging my shoulders. He started to sing Be alright, I started laughing and he said he was going to Boston in like 1 week or maybe 4 days depending on how the tour goes. "Oh maybe we can do it then I need all the help I can get." He laughed and said okay and he said he had to go. "Kay bye babe." I said, he blew me a kiss and I hung up and put my phone away. The date was set.

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