The girl with the red lipstick

Never trust what you don't know... this is like a fan fiction it has to do with Justin bieber , one direction and Cody Simpson. Its about a girl who has the problems of a life time who ends up meeting Justin and he changes her whole world around or does he?


2. Starting what I finished

March 3,2013                                                                                 6:45am

Dear diary ,

   I didn't get to write today but I've been feeling bad about everything that has happened this last year. I mean with what happened to my dad I've never talked about it I need to get this off my chest. I mean I didn't mean to kill my dad, I had too I had NO choice. It was his time, he was going to go tell I hat to finish what I started. His girlfriend came in and interrupted everything, it wasn't supposed to get far enough for me to kill her too. I mean Kina was just in my way I was supposed to kill and get out of there. She wasn't supposed to come home at 8 it was at 9. I had to pull the trigger. So I did what I had to I finished what I started. Its 7 now I better start getting ready.


I put on my shirt and grabbed my Keep calm and love Justin bieber hoodie and my bag and ran downstairs. I grabbed some toast and opened the door. As i was going to leave my mom stopped me. "Hey sweetie, leaving so early." i hear her say. "Hi...and yeah i want to get a head start for my first day." I look at her straight in the eyes and look down. "OH i just wanted to ask you if you know where the pictures of your dad and me are." She looks at me and i know she could she the mad look in my face. "You you are something else and by the way i threw those pictures away. I mean how could you keep those pictures... after everything he did to me, remember that time you came in on us when he hit me and you just cried and ran off cause i remember. The last time hit me was the last day he would be alive, he was going to stab me so i did what you wouldn't do i defend myself." I finished my sentence  and i was walked off i heard her say something. "You know i wish he was still alive you need some discipline and i cant give that too you.Your father always..." "ALWAYS WHAT MOM ALWAYS WHAT beat me hell yeah he did all the time." i pulled my sleeve down look at all these cuts "for every time you wouldn't do something or he would. you should have known it would come to this it always did. His whore of a girlfriend always came first. I don't know how you was with a man who cheated n you AND YOU KNEW IT you just didn't want to admit it to yourself. I am done with this conversation ill be home late today so don't expect me at 3." I walk out the house crying. As i'm already down the street at the corner i realize to myself. "Where am i going." i say aloud. "I'm wondering the same thing" i hear a voice behind me say. I turn around quickly. "Hi im Cody..." i didn't let him finish. "Yeah my mom told me about you, you was supposed to walk me to school." i wipe the tears off my face. "Here let me help you with that he says." he grabs a tissue from his bag. "Anyways im Marisa...." "Hi Marisa im Cody Simpson." "Yeah i know who you are i heard of your song its really good... All day right.... and may i say you are really cute well not as cute as Justin bieber." Did i just say that aloud? Guess i did. "Thanks Thanks and yeah i get that alot well not alot but from alot of bilebers." i laugh "Hey don't you know him." "Yeah ill tell him you said hi." "Okay thanks so can i see your schedule it did come int he mail right." i look at him and look into his beautiful brown eyes and his blonde hair and his smile. "Marisa..." "Oh yeah umm what oh yeah i did get it... oh you want too see my schedule." "Yeah." he says and he laughs i look through my bag and finally find my schedule. I give it to him. "Cool we have every class together." He smiles. "Hey i knew your mom knew my mom her names Cary right." "Oh yeah." i say getting lost in his Beautiful eyes. He told me about school and his music career. I told him i was a dancer and people told me i could sing. He asked me to sing and i sang Justin bieber then his song All day.  He smiled when he asked me to dance i turned that down quick. He smiled. We finally got to school. 



                                  ***                                   Carys's P.O.V                                                                                   ***

   I stayed looking at the door and looked at my coffee cup while looking at some papers in front of me. I ran upstairs to Marisa's room and started looking through her books. Behind a picture of her and me was a key. I started to look around and found a small treasure box. I opened it and saw a journal with a bunch of pictures on the cover. I opened it and saw Dear diary. I skimmed through and came to the one from this morning. i couldn't believe what i had read. I imedetly took a picture and put everything back and went downstairs.



                          ***                                 Marisa's P.O.V.                                                                              ***

     4th and 5th period passed and i had been the happiest person classes were 25 minutes because it was Tuesday. "Hey Marisa... Umm after school you want to go bowling or something," Cody asked i was so happy but tried not to show it. Kimmara started laughing i hit her with my elbow. "Sure, i said." he left smiling "Girl you got that kid head over heels." Kimmara said laughing. I had met her 2nd period and some other people in 1st. 6th period had ended and i ran right to my locker Kimmara and Laura were there with my red lipstick and a mirror i put it on and somebody covers my eyes. "Guess who." "Cody?" i hear Kimmara and Laura screaming. i turn around i see Cody then when i look next to him ITS JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!! "OH MY GOSH!" Cody quiets me down "Shhhh, we cant blow his cover girls are crazy." Kimmara and Laura laugh and i see them next to Justin. "Anyways hi Marisa Cody tells me how much you love me and all he did was talk to me on the phone about you." I seen Cody kick him to the knee. "Its true man." Justin says. Kimmara And Laura look at me "Well we have to go but Justin if you do not mind just write your number here i promise i wont give it to anybody." Justin laughs. "Pinky promise." "yea promise." I hear them say with the happiness in there voice. He writes it down and takes pictures with them. They run off screaming. Justin and Cody both laugh. "Well guys ill see you tommorow at the skating rink and Marisa bring friends if you want." "Okay" i still couldn't breathe i was just so surprised  he walks away. "Well Marisa guess lets go bowling." I get in the car and his song comes on the radio he gets so happy and so do i, i'm happy for him. when we get there we get our shoes and go to lane 10. We bowl and laugh and have fun then order pizza from the food court. We end up in front of my house. "Well this is me" i say. He lifts up my chin and slowly kisses me. "Sorry sorry." he says like if he was regretting it cause i know i wasn't.  " Its okay i liked it." I kissed him back he smiled, and i left. I went to my room and went on my laptop. My camera was beeping. As i looked at it i saw my mom. i knew she came in here when i left. I went in my closet and grabbed my gun. I saw my mom pass by my room and come in. i slammed the door shut and locked it. "Marisa open this door and put that gun down." "Mom get on the floor NOW." i had the gun pointed to her as she got on the floor. "Honey dont do anything you will regret." she said "Dont worry as long as you Dont tell anybody what you saw in that diary it will be okay for you. I wont have to start what i finished and finish that." She looked at me "i wont tell anybody." i believed her.



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