The girl with the red lipstick

Never trust what you don't know... this is like a fan fiction it has to do with Justin bieber , one direction and Cody Simpson. Its about a girl who has the problems of a life time who ends up meeting Justin and he changes her whole world around or does he?


1. Not an option

March 2,2013

     Dear diary,

   I haven't really known what to do I mean I had a great time with Justin today but I still feel bad for what happened with me and Cody I mean he says its going to be alright but I don't know if it is. I mean I loved Cody or I think I did. I see the pills right in front of me and a knife next to it. At this point im scared. I don't know if I should or if I shouldn't. Im sitting in this bathroom probably writing my last words......

3 months earlier

     "Mom do we have to move I really don't want to, im so used to being here." I say this with a very whiny voice and my mom gives me a dirty look that I just want to jump on her and punch her in the face. "Honey you have to start over, I mean especially what happened with your father and--" I interrupt her "IT WASNT MY FAULT AND YOU KNOW THAT, I didn't mean to kill him he was beating me I wasn't going to stand back like you always do, I always told you I had problems but you never believed me." I run out to the U-Haul truck and wait for her. I take out my iPod and start listening to Justin bieber. I listen to one less lonely girl and I get a call, "Hello.... Hey Kate....oh you were the on less lonely girl." lucky bitch. "Umm yeahh im happy for you.... Ok ill call you later." I see my mom come out. She gets in the truck then we start driving. We get to Boston and I see the house. "Beautiful right." I hear my mom say. I roll my eyes and take all my stuff up to my room. my mom brings me a new backpack and 10 bags of new clothes "Thanks." I say with an attitude. She walks out. I start unpacking then fix my bed and pick out my clothes for the next morning. And trust me moving is NOT AN OPTION FOR ME.

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