The girl with the red lipstick

Never trust what you don't know... this is like a fan fiction it has to do with Justin bieber , one direction and Cody Simpson. Its about a girl who has the problems of a life time who ends up meeting Justin and he changes her whole world around or does he?


4. Making it all up

Dear diary                                          March 5,2013


I couldn't keep up with the lies even though i had to. It wasn't his time. They say it will always happen, nobody will ever understand unless you find someone like you. I killed my mom because i had too, it was her time she wasn't like me and she wouldn't be and wouldn't understand me. Nobody would at this point. It was just me and the 2 people standing behind me. I have to go and cover all my tracks up. I burned the license plate of my moms and painted the car and sold it. I cleaned everything every finger print the rock i threw in the ocean. I left it at that and came home.



I lay in my bed and close my eyes. I wake up to my phone ringing and I look at it. Its justin. “Hello,” I hear the voice say “Hey Justin,” “Hey so how did it go.” He said calmly, His voice actually made me feel better. It was my moms time. “I’ve had better days, Its better know that you called me.” I said, he laughed. “Maybe you can make my day by coming over.” I laugh “I know what you are thinking let me take care of Cody before we start all this stuff. Or you can wait till tomorrow.” I say cheering him up. “Ill waits forever. Not saying that I want you too--” “Yes Justin, I get it. Well I should go Night love ya.” “Love you too.” I smile when I hear this. I hang up and put the phone on my nightstand. I lay down and look at my ceiling. I look at my door and go downstairs. I look around. I was looking for my mom. And I just remembered I killed her. Then I thought about Cody and I sat in the middle of the living room floor crying, thinking about everything that has to happen just because I cant keep the truth away. Not even for a minute. The guilt rushes through my head like blood rushes through a persons body. I look up at the ceiling and lay down and cry. I hear someone come inside the front door. I get up and slowly walk over. My heart beating fast, I see Kimmara. I feel relived. “Hey girl, Thought you might need some company for a while, I thought Justin would be here but then I was like sex all the time isnt good for you.” We both laughed, She reminds me of Justin. “Yeah,” I say sighing. “Honey it will all be over soon, You have to end all this. Cody is the last one I promise.” She says holding my hand and hugging me she rubs my back and we go sit on the couch. “You know you have a WHOLE house to yourself, now that your moms gone. I mean invite Justin and some friends and ill invite some too. Fill up this house.” she looks at me and I look back at her and smile. “Well what are we doing still sitting here.” I run to my phone that was upstairs and I text Justin: “Hey babe, Ummm just called you babe but thats besides the point, I have an empty house and me and Kimmara were thinking about having some people over to like live for a while till all 3 of us could get away, after I take care of you know who. Well answer back by coming I guess, Love ya xoxo♥” I look through my contacts and see who else is like us and we can be together. As I’m looking through I see a picture of Cody and I feel the tears coming. I wipe it and move on as I see Carmen under his name. I immediately text her, I’ve known her since kindergarten and she knows EVERYTHING. Kimmara said she doesnt have anybody who is actually interesting I tell her Justin and Carmen are coming, She hears Carmen and gets happy. “Ill be keeping an eye on you and Justin.” We both laugh and here the doorbell ring. I look through the peek hole, Its Carmen!! “CARMEN!!” me and Kimmara scream. We both hold our ears because of how loud it was. Carmen looks at us both “Hugs?” we laugh and hug her, Group hug. We sit on the couch. “So Marisa whos the new man in your life I see that face.” I laugh and blush. “Well you now the one I have to take care of and then theirs--” The door bell rings “That’s the real one.” Kimmara and Carmen hold hands and scream like two white girls. “Kimmara you know so why you so excited.” I look at her and laugh. I open the door. “Hey Marisa.” it was Justin. I hug him and kiss him. He looks behind me, “Hey Kimmara and hey---” “JUSTIN BIEBER!” I hear Carmen say, Oh gosh I forgot this is THE Justin bieber and hes famous. “Carmen, yes this is Justin and before you freak out later the one I have to take care of is Cody Simpson.” she screams and we tell her to quite down. “I’m sorry its just that, Your, You,” she couldn’t get the words out of her. “Yeah I’m me” Justin says laughing. I look at him and kiss him, yep I did, hes my Babe. I even told him by accident in the message. “Well, Girl you can get it.” Is all that Carmen could say. We all laughed. “well why don’t we order pizza. On me.” Justin said smiling. Hes always eating That’s something we have in common. We both love food so much. He went to the kitchen and looked for the dominoes card they always send in the mail. “Justin, oh I just said Justin, umm I think Marisa left it on the counter.” When Carmen said I just said Justin me and Kimmara started laughing. Carmen looked at me “How you get a guy like that girl gotta hook me up I just took care of everything I had to and I’m ready for a man.” she whispered. Me and Kimmara started laughing. Justin finally called the Pizza guy. We laughed and Carmen finally calmed down and told herself Justin Bieber is in front of you exactly like that. It was HILLARIOUS. The pizza came and that made it much better food and fun. Justin had his arm around me the whole time and I was happy. I looked at Carmen Then Kimmara then Justin he looked at me. I smiled, I guess this is my new family and I was loving it already.

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