The girl with the red lipstick

Never trust what you don't know... this is like a fan fiction it has to do with Justin bieber , one direction and Cody Simpson. Its about a girl who has the problems of a life time who ends up meeting Justin and he changes her whole world around or does he?


5. I Know


Justin had to leave to go to a concert in Paris. It was lonely but I had my girls Carmen & Kimmara. We were planning on going out in the morning to get some coffee at Dunkin Donuts. We went inside and sat down and I got a text from Cody. It said “Hey babe, haven’t heard from you in a while wanted to know if you wanted to do something later. Text me back, Love you.” I sighed and texted back to meet me at the Bowling alley. I put down the phone and stared at it with a blank face. “Whats wrong Marisa,” she looked at me sadly as if she was mimicking me. I laughed. “Cody.. Kimmara I cant go through with it maybe he will understand and not say anything....” “Marisa you know as well as I do he wont keep your secret.” Kimmara looked at me straight in the eye. It reminded me of the night I killed my mom, Her face and her pain. “Yeah Marisa, he wont I mean you know the ritual it has to happen.” Carmen said, I looked at Kimmara and she nodded and I nodded back. “I’m just surprised you got a boyfriend so your not like us looking for them.” We all laughed and ate our donuts. We left and went shopping. “Girl what do you think of this dress is it a I’m going to kill you kind. You need to look fine on that night.” We all laughed. “I don’t think imma wear a dress probably a cute outfit.” I laughed and we went from store to store. I looked at the time. “Ill see you guys later meeting up Cody at the Bowling Alley.” I said running the other way. “Kay Marisa see you at the house.” I ran outside and into the car and turned on the GPS to the old bowling alley. I saw Cody and beeped the horn. He looked around and when he saw me he smiled. I got out the car and he came and hugged me. He was about to kiss me and I turned away. “Whats wrong.” he said, you can see his worry lines. “Oh nothing thought I saw something.” I smiled and touched his hair. He kissed me. I didn’t want to because of Justin. I knew I was going to feel guilty later on, I tried not to make it obvious. We went inside and bowled a few lanes. We laughed and ate. And thank god he didn’t kiss me again because I knew it would make me feel guilty later. Time passed and we left he hugged me before I got in the car. He waved goodbye as I was driving down the street until I couldn’t see him. Every time I see him It makes me feel awful for what I am going to do. If only he would understand, Maybe I could tell him before, I mean we wont end up together because in a way I prefer Justin. All these thoughts were running through my head like a movie, and my mom and dad was involved in it. My thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing, I looked at it it was Justin. I smiled and answered it. “Hey Justin,” I said “Hey Marisa I’m sorry I cant come till next week because my tour, I would love it if you came but you have to take care of things.” he sounded sad I mean he probably was I knew I was. “I know, if I didn’t I would come. Tell scooter and Alfredo I said hi,” I was about to say his mom but I knew that we only are friends and talking about this because of what the concept is we both have no parents because we needed to take care of that. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do I mean they found out about what we were doing. “Okay,bye...” “Love you muah muah muah.” I hear Alfredo and scooter say then I hear Ryan telling Justin to give him the phone. “HI RYAN!” I scream he yells ouch. “don’t doubt my screaming voice, you see that boy the one you took the phone from. I used to be screaming at his concerts, I learned.” we all laughed and then Ryan said bye and Justin and scooter and Alfredo. I hung up and kept driving back to the house. I see Carmen sitting on the porch, I immediately park the car and walk over. “Hey Carmen, whats wrong.” I pat her back and put my arm around her, “Typical boy move Marisa, Learn that from Justin..” we both laugh. “Yeeep, does it too me all the time” she looks at me and laughs. “But nothing I was just thinking about what we have to do just to keep our asses safe, I mean the ritual and everything just because nobody will understand. I’ve tried telling everyone even Chris but it didn’t work. I mean think about it this all started because we opened that dumb letter and when or if we didn’t we wouldn’t be in this stupid game where if we didn’t kill those 3 people they would have died the hard way. I mean it felt good to kill my mom and dad I felt power, but when it came to Chris I couldn’t but I had too.” I knew she poured all her heart into this, I mean I could tell. She started crying. Kimmara came out. “Whats wrong Carmen,” “Nothing she was just telling me her story.” I said looking straight at Kimmara's face. We always do this like stare at someone and know their whole story. “Can I pour my heart out too.” I look at Kimmara, “Sure go ahead.” she looked at both of us. “I just still cant believe this all started when we opened that letter, I still cant believe I killed Anthony I mean I loved that kid. Before I killed him I told him and then he tried to run off. Thanks to Carmen I caught him right in time before he could go tell the cops. I mean it felt good to kill my mom. I finally felt power over her, and my dad how he used to hit me I hit him as many times as I could. But for Anthony I just did it instantly I couldn’t make him suffer I probably did a little but it wasn’t my intention. I just didn’t want him to go.” she started crying. I tilted her head up. “Where are you getting these weird boy moves from, Justin?” I hear Carmen say. Kimmara and I start to laugh. “Yeah, but Kimmara,Carmen I’m going to need you guys to be there for me after all this. You know with you know who.” I look at them both. They nod and smile. And we all hug. We hear the phone ring and we all run to get it. I finally get it. “Hello.” I say not really knowing who it is. “Yes is your mother home.” I know its her boyfriend Jason. “No shes not.” I say I was about to say I haven’t seen her in a while but then I thought about how the police would get involved. “Well tell her I have to talk to her,” “If you wanna break up with her go ahead I mean tell me she never really liked you.” I look at my nails and I see Carmen and Kimmara wanting to burst out laughing. “Well its really none of your business.” Oh That’s it I feel like going over to this guys house and killing him. “Listen dude, its lots of my business its my mom I mean come on. She can deal with a break up remember when I told you like 10 seconds ago she really doesn’t like you.” I look at Carmen and Kimmara and tell them to be quite. “Well fine really don’t want to be with her.” he sounded relived. “Okay ill tell her she wouldn’t really care anyways. I never liked you too kay bye kisses.” I hang up and we all laugh. “It was her boyfriend,” I say looking at them just laughing. We go to the couch. “I never really lied on her not liking him and ill tell her I mean ill tell Cody to, hes gonna visit her son or maybe her ex-boyfriend can tell her.” I smile and run to the kitchen. I grab a knife out of the drawer. Carmen and Kimmara look at each other and run over to me. “Girl your crazy.” they look at the knife and then at me. “I was just joking, I mean if he wants to tell her its the only way. But no I cant.” I put the knife down and go back to the couch. They follow me and we just start laughing. My phone rings its a video message from Justin. He was singing U smile. I haven’t heard that song since it came out when he was like what 13 and he is like 18 now. Then I see Ryan and Alfredo singing in the background. We all laugh. Then scooter comes and starts singing and dancing. Justin looks behind him and drops the camera and all you see him is chasing them. We all laugh and when he finally comes back he said. “Ill call you later.” he drops the camera and runs. I close out the video and started laughing with Kimmara & Carmen. I get a text from Laura saying how was your vacation because I haven’t been in school lately. I smile and say I’m going tomorrow. I hear Kimmara telling Carmen how we met. “Well it was 2nd period and she was alone so I sat next to her and stared at her. She had some attitude and was like 'what are you staring at' I laughed and said it seemed like if she had a lot going on. After that I talked to her about me and if she wasn’t the same or would tell someone I would kill her..” I inturrupt her and start laughing while talking. “It was scary cause I just met the girl but she said she had a feeling I was the same. She told me about the letter and I knew I had seen her before.” I went to grab an ice cream still listening to the story. “Yeah and I thought I seen her before too. Remember the Letter. I told her I have but she said she did too. And since then we were best friends.” we looked at each other and left. I ran and jumped on top of her I see Carmen looking at us. “Awww you need some Marisa love too.” we laugh and I jump on top of her before she could say anything. I sit on her lap and then she tells the story of us. “Well we met in Kindergarten probably the best way. There was this girl named Kristen. She had the prettiest blonde hair and always talked about her wanting it to be red. So Marisa over here took the red paint from the cabinet and she poured it all over her hair and rubbed it on and said 'It looks pretty on you.' and when the teacher came over she said 'I was only trying to help.” We all laughed. “I was like 3 or 4 at that time I didn’t know. To this day I think she has some red.” Kimmara looked at me and started laughing. “Wow, nice did you like hate her or something.” “No hate is a strong word I use dislike and I never even knew what hate was back then.” Kimmara looked at us both and then looked at Carmen. “So what did you do after.” Carmen looked at her and patted her knees. “Weeellll I actually high fived her before she left, and I was about to dye my hair red too. I thought it was a good idea at the time.” Kimmara looked funny while she was looking at Carmen. Laura texted me again and I told her too come over. She replied with a yes. Kimmara looked at both of us. “If Justin was here I could say this is the best family.” “I know.” I said.


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