The girl with the red lipstick

Never trust what you don't know... this is like a fan fiction it has to do with Justin bieber , one direction and Cody Simpson. Its about a girl who has the problems of a life time who ends up meeting Justin and he changes her whole world around or does he?


6. Beautiful Friendship †

The doorbell rings and I go to answer it. I see Laura through the peek hole. I open the door. “LAURA!” I yell hugging her so tight. I haven’t seen her in 6 days. I close the door and bring her to the Living Room. “Guys this is my friend Laura... Laura this is Kimmara you know her of course and My BESTEST friend since kindergarten Carmen.” They shake hands and Time just thinking in my head wow That’s awkward. Like that show awkward wow I love that show. And why am I talking about this in my head. Oh well. “We were just talking about how me meet Marisa...” Laura smiled and I knew she was going to tell this story. “I think it was during 3rd period or 5th but it was her first day and it was weird because she had raised her hand to go to the bathroom and the teacher had said no. then she said oh ill just go on my own. Th teacher said she would have to write her up, then Marisa said 'what so the rule is we cant go to the bathroom, maybe I can make a petition' she looked around the classroom and like 2 or people raised there hand then I walked up to her and said 'I’m defenetly signing that' she laughed and introduced her self and to the class and we both left. It was crazy but fun.” We all laughed and Carmen looked at me. “Did you ever meet someone in a Normal way?” I looked at her and laughed. “Nah, probably just no no.” I thought about all of these people in front of me. My true friends, I looked at my phone and thought the only one who is missing is Justin. I would love Laura to know but I don’t think she would understand maybe I might use it in another perspective, tell her I read a book on it. I told the girls I was going to take a shower they said okay and I went to my room.


February 17th 2013


Dear Diary,

I feel like if I abandoned you I hope you don’t feel that way. I mean I have to tell you a lot but I want to keep it simple. I feel overwhelmed I mean with the whole Cody thing, and what happened to my mom is still on my back. I mean I feel like if I'm playing Cody with Justin even though I care more about Justin. I would love for Cody to understand but nobody believes he would. Also I really want to tell Laura but ill tell her in another perspective say I read a book called knowing or something. But anyways I should go take a shower thanks for listening love you.


I grab my towel and my shampoo and go to the bathroom. I go in the shower and I just bang my head on the wall and cry. I pull my head back and look at the water falling all over my face like the river flowing it flows of my face and when I look down it all flows through me off my head and onto the shower floor, I get a second to hear the water dropping on the floor one by one. 'Drip,Drop'. I move my head closer and keep looking down and its like a river flowing off my head. I open the shower curtain and grab the knife on the sink. I look at my arm and the knife. “For everyone and everything.” I say talking to myself. I stick out my arm and slowly the knife gets closer and closer to my arm. Next thing I knew water turned into blood. I look down and I see 5 marks. It feels good. I feel good, the blood near my feet like if it was surrounding it. I see the blood going down the drain. I’m sad it all had to end soon but life is full of mistakes and disappointments. I look up at the shower head and turn off the water. I grab my towel and come out. As I am drying myself I see the cuts on my wrist. I slowly rub it with the towel and put my robe on and went to my room. I get my Pj's and make sure I cover my arm so I wear a long sleeve. I go downstairs and find everything normal and I was surprised I mean I left Carmen and Kimmara alone last time I left them alone they were high and drunk and ended up kissing each other just weird. I see Laura come out the kitchen and it seems like if everyone is getting along so I come down the stairs and when everyone is sitting down I jump and lay on them. I take Carmen's hand and kiss her hand, “Marry me,” I say in one of those weird creepy voices. Carmen looks at me and pulls her hand away. “Girl you on something we haven’t smoked or drank yet and you are already going crazy.” Kimmara laughed and Laura was looking at me shaking her head and laughing. Carmen gets up and goes to her bag and pulls out something. Something that I think is taking over the youth today. Weed. Laura and Kimmara have the BIGGEST smiles on there face and laugh and run up to her. “You got this how?” I hear Kimmara and Laura say at the same time. “JINX!” they both say. They run and say they are looking for wood. Carmen comes up to me and whispers to me, “They do know that the counter was wood they don’t have to go running looking for wood.” Carmen and I laugh and they come running downstairs. “What is made out of wood here?” Kimmara says. I point at the counter and they both run to it knocking on it. I look at Carmen and she looks at me, “Just open that shit up go upstairs under my bed I have the hookah thing.” Carmen nods and runs upstairs. I see Kimmara and Laura still knocking Laura runs and Kimmara trips her. Laura starts laughing and Kimmara grabs her by the feet and knocks her down. At this point we are all laughing and Carmen comes downstairs dancing with it in her hand and turns on the music. Bacthata starts playing. We turn on the hookah and start smoking like our lives depend on it. Me and Carmen get up and dance. While Kimmara and Laura are sitting down laughing. We hear a Justin Bieber song come on and then we just start dancing. I think 3 minutes passed and we seemed out of it. Me and Carmen turn around and Kimmara and Laura are making out. Typical Kimmara always having to kiss somebody when shes high or drunk. Me and Carmen start laughing. Then we see them go into the room and we just start rolling on the floor laughing. Me and Carmen get up and just start dancing and dancing. Last thing I remembered was the radio playing some song I think it was Cody I don’t remember. I was the first to wake up then Laura came out the room. “I have the biggest headache.” I was just laughing no matter how much my head hurt. I wonder if she remembered what happened. I see Carmen come out. “How was your night Laura.” Carmen says. “What?” Laura replies seeming really confused. She probably didn’t know I mean they must have been out of it. I see Kimmara come out and touch Laura's butt. We all laugh. “You know.” I said pointing at Kimmara. “know what, what happened last night HELL NO.” Kimmara replies. I look at Carmen. “How are we the only--” “I don’t know I want to know to.” Carmen says. Me and Carmen leave the coffee on the table and go upstairs to go bring something downstairs. “Oh by the way you guys hooked up.” Me and Carmen both said laughing. We went upstairs yelling Jinx like 10 times. Last thing I saw was Laura and Kimmara looking at each other. Me and Carmen grabbed the box and brong it downstairs to find Laura and Kimmara talking. We stopped at the stairs and I told Carmen to be quite so I could hear what they are saying. I hear Kimmara say “I’ve always wanted to find out..” then I hear Laura say “Lets try.” then me and Carmen leave the box and jump on them. “Awwww you guys are going out!” Me and Carmen scream. They look at us and look at each other and smile. I thought that was the cutest thing. “Yeah.” Kimmara finally said. Hey both kissed and me and Carmen

stared I mean I love having gay friends even guys but when 2 guys kiss its weird but I don’t really care but 2 girls I will stare at them all day and by the looks of it Carmen will too. They finally stopped when they realized we was staring. They laughed and Kimmara looked at me, “May I help you?” she said with a puzzled face. “Don't mind us act like where not even here.” I hear Carmen say. Laura looks at Kimmara and Kimmara looks at Laura and looks back at us and whisper something and then sit down normally. 'Damn the show ended' I say to myself. Kimmara looks at me and nods and looks over to the room. I get up and walk over there and she follows. I knew she had to tell me something. She comes in and closes the door. “So you guys go out now.” I say smiling and pushing her back laughing. She seemed serious. “I have to tell her,” I knew she was going to say something like this I mean all of us if we met somebody we would LOVE too tell them but its hard especially if they don’t understand. I look at her, “You do know what happens if she doesn’t understand do you really want to take that risk? I just don’t want to loose a friend or gain a new friend who wants to join with what we do. I don’t mind you telling her just be careful on the way you do.” I said to Kimmara with a very serious face. She nods and we come out the room. I looked at her and whispered to her that I was going to start a conversation about it. She nodded and Carmen looked at us and looked at Laura she knew, she knew we were going to tel l her just not how. She seemed worried and was about to get up but I shook my head and whispered just go with it. We all sat down and I looked at Laura. “Did you ever read that book called Lies.” I said with a very mysterious voice pulling myself slowly forward I started talking. “There was a group of people who got a note and they had to kill 3 people to save them then if there parents found out had to kill them and especially if they didn’t understand why you did it or took the time to hear you explain it. Even if there boyfriend or girlfriend didn’t understand they had to be killed because word will spread and it wont be good for the Mentor you know the head person. So the 4 people that were involved got to know each other and eventually got a boyfriend or girlfriend. Eventually they had to tell them about how they killed there parents and why. The person they went out with didn’t understand and they were killed. 2 of them well 3 has I mean got a boyfriend or girlfriend there was even two girl on girl relationships and then the girl who had a girlfriend had to tell the person who she goes out with because she felt guilty. She didn’t know what to do and was scared on what she would think. That’s all I read so far but its really good. So guys I have a question would you accept the your girlfriend or boyfriend if they were like that.” I said as I moved up slowly. Carmen looked at me, “i would I mean you were forced into it and eventually you will feel guilty and want your boyfriend or girlfriend to know about your past to be able to move on too the future.” she said while drinking coffee she looked sophisticated. I looked at Kimmara, “Well, I would accept them I mean like Carmen said you were forced into it and people find out and you have to protect yourself and the Mentor or leader because he might kill you too. And I mean its my boyfriend or girlfriend I want them to know about my past. No secrets being kept.” She smiled and we all looked at Laura. I could tell Kimmara was nervous even if she said she would accept them. We all looked scared I mean this answer DETERMINED IT determined if work will have to be done to keep her murder away from the news and the police. I could finally see her lips about to move not that I was paying attention to it. “Umm I would accept them it depends I mean lets say it was Kimmara I would accept it I mean I care for her and nobody chose it it just happened to be you.” I was surprised I could tell Kimmara was happy now just too find out how to come out with it. “But I would--” Kimmara interrupted her and walked to the room with her and shut the door. Me and Carmen ran over to hear what was going on I could hear Kimmara telling her about it I just didn’t think she would say it that fast. I thought we should devise a plan I love making plans. I hear Laura say she has a guilty conscience and she has to tell someone so she will talk about the awesome and most believable story I told. I hear them kiss and I figured they hugged. We hear them coming so we run to the couch and pose our 'we were not near the door pose.' Laura and Kimmara look at us and start laughing. They look at each other and take another look at us and nod and jump on us. We all start laughing. And I could tell this was going to be a beautiful friendship.


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