Lips of An Angel (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This is a story about a girl named Carly Pope. Her dad left when she was 3 and her mom is an abusive alcoholic. They live in a terrible neighborhood and Carly wants to get out of there. One day Carly is walking home and a group of men come up behind her and they beat her. A boy named Harry saves her from in the street. Something terrible happens to her. Harry stays by her side thr whole time. Harry wants to be more than friends but how will Harry react when Carly is nervous for her first relation ship. Will he keep trying or will he let her go.


2. The Walk

While I was walking a black Limo pulled around the corner. I wonder where it was going. It pulled over next to me.

"Excuse me, do you know where the canon ranch hotel is" a man in the back seat asked me. I gave him directions and they drove away. Wow it must be nice to have all that money. While I was walking I found a few places that were looking for people to hire. I went in and applied for a few places. When I was done it was getting late. I started to walk home. While I was walking home a group of people started to follow me. I decided to walk faster to get away. They started to walk faster to. I started to run, so did they. Right when I was about to get to my house they grabbed me and started hitting me. I remember being hit and then everything went black. I woke up and I was in a dark place. I opened my eyes but everything was a blur. I remember someone standing by me but then everything went dark again. I woke up and tried to move, it hurt to much. I looked around. I didnt know where I was. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, I was really scared now. Someone walked into the room, it was the guy in the limo.

"How you feeling" he asked me.

"Where am I " I asked.

"Your at the canon ranch hotel. You were in an ally. You looked like you were hurt so I brought you here." He said.

"Why was I in an ally" I asked.

"A group of guys dragged you there. When they left I went down and saw you there." He said sitting next to me on the bed.

"Thank you" I said.

"It's no problem" He said.

"So whats your name" I asked him.

"Harry Styles, and yours?" he asked me.

"Carly Pope" I replied.

"So Carly Pope, how old are you?" He asked me.

"Im 18. How old are you Harry Styles" I asked him.

"Im 18 also" he said smiling. We were talking for a while and I looked at the clock.

"Im so sorry I have to go" I said jumping up.

"Wait where are you going." He asked confused.

"Home, my mom would kill me if she woke up and didnt find me there" I said.

"Well let me drive you home, you in to bad shape to be walking" he said. He got up and grabbed his keys and we left. When we got to my house I got out.

"Wait" Harry said getting out of the car and walking up to mem.

"Yeah" I said.

"Can I see you again. You seem like a lovley person Carly Pope" he said smiling.

"How would we know when to get togeather." I asked.

"How about I pick you up here tomorrow. We can have have dinner at the hotel" he said.

"That would be lovley, Harry Styles" I said smiling. I walked into our house nervous that my mom might be awake. When I walked into the house my mom was sleeping on the couch. I quick ran into my room and closed the door and locked it. I layed down on my bed excited for tomorrow. I fell asleep thinking about Harry.

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