Lips of An Angel (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This is a story about a girl named Carly Pope. Her dad left when she was 3 and her mom is an abusive alcoholic. They live in a terrible neighborhood and Carly wants to get out of there. One day Carly is walking home and a group of men come up behind her and they beat her. A boy named Harry saves her from in the street. Something terrible happens to her. Harry stays by her side thr whole time. Harry wants to be more than friends but how will Harry react when Carly is nervous for her first relation ship. Will he keep trying or will he let her go.


9. The big day

Today Harry is comming home!! I am so excited. Only a few more hours and we will be together. I have waited so long for him to finally come back home. Harry said he is going to call me as soon as the plane lands. The airport is a few hours away so when he lands it will still be a while till I see him. I was sitting down watching a movie and my phone rings. Its from Harry!!

"Hello" I said answering my phone.

"Hey babe, we just landed" He said.

"I cant wait for you to come home. I miss you so much" I said.

"I miss you to" he said. We were talking for a while and then we got off the phone. I went back to watching tv and I herd a car. I looked out the window and it was Harry! I ran outside and ran over to the taxi. When Harry got out I gave him a kiss and a big hug.

"I missed you so much" he said.

"I missed you to" I said crying. We got all his stuff and we went into the house.

"so how was the tour" I asked.

"It was good but it was hard being away from you for so long" He said.

"It was hard for me to. It was just so lonley here without you" I said.

"Dont worry, im not leaving for a while." he said giving me a kiss.

"Im glad" I said. We talked for a while. Harry told me about everything that happened while he was on tour. Im excited that he had a good time. We spent time together and then we went to bed. Im glad that I finally get to sleep next to the man I love again. I loved talking to him on the phone everynight before bed but I enjoy him being here alot better.


A/N: hey guys, sorry the chapters are so short. Im trying to get all of my stories updated.  I will start longer chapters once I catch up on all of my stories.

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