Lips of An Angel (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This is a story about a girl named Carly Pope. Her dad left when she was 3 and her mom is an abusive alcoholic. They live in a terrible neighborhood and Carly wants to get out of there. One day Carly is walking home and a group of men come up behind her and they beat her. A boy named Harry saves her from in the street. Something terrible happens to her. Harry stays by her side thr whole time. Harry wants to be more than friends but how will Harry react when Carly is nervous for her first relation ship. Will he keep trying or will he let her go.


6. New House

We boarded the plane and got to our seats. When the flight attendents were they told us how long the ride was going to be. I dont remember how long but it is really long. When the plane took off we were on for about 30 minuets and everyone was asleep. I was the only one awake. I sat there looking out the window. This is my first time being on an airplane. It looks so beautiful fro above. I was looking out the window I fell asleep. It was so relaxing.

"Wake up Carly, we are about to land" Harry said waking me up. I opened my eyes and stretched.

"Were in London already" I asked.

"Yeah, we have to get our bags down now" he said handing me my bag.

"Thank you. So how long will it take to get there" I asked.

"Get where" Harry asked.

"To your house" I said.

"You mean to our house" he said smiling.

"Yeah" I said smiling back.

"It wont take long. We have a car waiting for us outside" he said. We got off of the plane and went to the car. Harry and I  got one car and the other boys all took seperate cars. It took a while to get there but not long. When we got there I couldnt believe my eyes. It was beautiful, I never seen a housenso comforting. It had a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers.

"Were here" he said. We got out  of the car and got our bags. We went up to the door and Harry unlocked it. When we walked in we set our bags down.

"Welcome home carly" he said smiling. I looked around.

"Would you like me to give you a tour of the house" he asked.

"Yeah, that would be nice" I said. Harry walked and I followed him as he walked into the first room.

"This is the livingroom." he said. I looked around, it is huge. We walked into the next room.

"This is the Dining room and right over there is the kitchen" he said pointing in the kitchen.

"Over here is the basement" he said. Ho opened the door and turned on the light. We walked down the stairs.

"Wow, nice bacement" I said.

"Yeah, we decided to make it into a game room on one side and a hangout space on the other." he said. We walked back upstairs and we walked around more. He showed me all of the upstairs. Then we came to our room.

"You said you wanted to share a room so here it is" he said. He opened up the door and I was stunned.

"I never seen a bedroom this big." I said.

"Wait until you see your closet" he said smiling. I walked over to my closet. He had two walkin closets and he gave one to me. Harry helped me unpack my stuff and then we went down stairs and sat in the living room. We sat there and talked for a while.

"Harry, I appreciate this." I said.

"Its no problem. You are going through some tough times and im not going to let you out there alone. " he said. We ate Dinner and talked more then we went upstair to get ready for bed. When I was finished getting ready I layed in bed next to Harry.

"Im really happy that you said yes to come live with me. I wouldnt have been anle to leave knowing that you were going to be there alone" He said.

"Im really glad that I met you.  I dont think I would be able to do everything now that I lost my mom" I said.

"I know I wouldnt  be able to. You are strong, you think positive even though everything that is happening around you isnt all positive. " he said.

"Well im getting tired so I am going to go to sleep" I said.

"Ok, good night" he said.

"Good night" I said. Just as I said that he pulled me close to him and kissed me.I kissed him back. When he stopped kissing me we went to bed. That night I went to bed with a huge smile on my face. I know we only knew eachother for a few days but I think I am falling in love with him.

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