Lips of An Angel (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This is a story about a girl named Carly Pope. Her dad left when she was 3 and her mom is an abusive alcoholic. They live in a terrible neighborhood and Carly wants to get out of there. One day Carly is walking home and a group of men come up behind her and they beat her. A boy named Harry saves her from in the street. Something terrible happens to her. Harry stays by her side thr whole time. Harry wants to be more than friends but how will Harry react when Carly is nervous for her first relation ship. Will he keep trying or will he let her go.


8. Catching up

***1 year later***

                    So it has been a year since I have met Harry. We have also been dating for 8 months. We have a really happy relation ship. Harry has been on tour for a few months now but their last concert is in a couple of days and im excited for him to be comming back. Since I moved to London with Harry my life has completly turned around.


                      I met his band mates. Im also close with Zayns girlfriend Perri. She is really nice. Me and Harry talk on the phone everyday. He calls when he wakes up, before he goes on stage, when he gets off stage, before he goes to bed. He calls me every chance he gets. I really love Harry and I never want to lose him.


                              This is the longest I have ever been away from him since we met. When he calls I get so excited and I never want to stop talking to him when he gets home Im never going to want to let him go. I want to spend as much time with him as I can until it is time for them to go on their next tour. Im going to be sad when he leaves again I just hope that we would be able to talk more . Luckily next tour they have some gigs here. Maybe in between concerts we can see eachother. I just cant wait for him to finally come home and we can be together again.

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