Summer '13

Are you ready for summer? Of course. Away from school, from people who you considered "acquaintances", just from stress and work and everything else you've either couldn't stand or hate or maybe even things you couldn't work out because once again, you were longing for that time of year. Summer.

What happens when 9 teens decide that this would be not only the best time of their lives, but prove that it was something they longed for?

Well this may be the start of Summer '13.


3. Ysabel


"Hey Hey Hey!" I heard my sister yell at me as I walked through the back door. I plopped my bag on the chair, almost knocking down the near lamp. My mom walked in from the kitchen, a dish in her hand and a rag in the other.

"Hello Ysabel. I hope you can explain the reason why you're an hour late." A stern look on her face which meant punishment if my answer was, say detention. Which unluckily it was.

"Mom, you won't BELIEVE what happened at school today!" Jenn called out. I turned to face my sister, giving her a death glare. If one word about the incident that happened today slipped out of my sister's mouth, it would be the end of me.

"Tell us Jenn. I'm sure you wouldn't know much due to your absence with Jake." I could feel my mom's face turning sour. Jenn stared at me, looking much in defeat. I turned back to my mother, ready to let my not-really-a-lie-not-really-the-truth explanation come out of my smile. "I was cleaning up, Mom." I smiled.

"What was there to be cleaned up? That school of yours is usually so clean." She began rubbing the dish. My face turned red, trying to come up with a new reason to my missing for an hour. I heard the chair screech and then again. "I need to call Jake. To see if he's free." Jenn's voice rang in the silence. "Sure." My mom didn't leave eye contact with. I looked down quickly, scared what my mom might do if I told her of the incident. I know one thing for sure. She will be pissed. 

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