Summer '13

Are you ready for summer? Of course. Away from school, from people who you considered "acquaintances", just from stress and work and everything else you've either couldn't stand or hate or maybe even things you couldn't work out because once again, you were longing for that time of year. Summer.

What happens when 9 teens decide that this would be not only the best time of their lives, but prove that it was something they longed for?

Well this may be the start of Summer '13.


5. Laura, Ysabel


The phone was still ringing. Hopefully she'll pick up. K.C. was sitting still on my bed, biting her nail. She quickly stopped when I scowled at her, noticing her coral nail polish still on her fingers. K.C. had the nasty habit of biting nails, but it didn't work well with her obsession with colorful and exotic polish.

"Hello?" A small voice answered. "Hey. This is Laura from earlier. We ditched detention together." I said nervously. K.C. was now chewing on her lip. There was an uneasy silence. "Oh. Hi, what's up?" The voice changed from weary to relaxed. That's how I felt too.

Even though I wasn't completely friends with her, I had AP math with Destiny. She was short, with red, red hair, that went well with her tiny profile. We swapped numbers as we were walking. We all were talking to each other like we've known one another for a long time. "Well I was wondering if you had the others' numbers. I mean, I have Cody's and Jessica's and yours, of course. Oh and Jordan's." 

"I have Dawson's and Mike's. Plus I think Ysabel's. I'll have to check. You have K.C.?" K.C. looked up at the mention of her name. She yelled, "No she doesn't!" I heard laughing on the other side of my screen. "I'll take that as a yes." "Damn." K.C. whispered. I giggled at how stupid she was. Partly the reason why we were best friends.

"What do you need?" Destiny asked sounding like a drug dealer. "Well, karma has been lacking on their job lately, so revenge wants to fill in it's place." I smiled at my "metaphor." I don't know if you would call it that. Come on, It's summer.

"What she means to say," K.C. pulled the purple beanbag next to my computer chair. "Is that Gregory Ross is a douche." Destiny cackled. "Sure he is. What do we do?"  I thought about it. "Oovoo?" I asked."Got it." And with that the call ended.



"Mom, I cleaned the caf." I sputtered. "Caf? What's caf?" "Cafeteria. I cleaned it." "Yourself?" "No, mother. With some other kids." I decided to let truth come out. But not all of it. Since it wasn't the "caf", but the hall. "Table. Now." And with that she left, done with the dish.

Now, I know my mom sounds strict, which she is, but only in some cases. Sometimes she can be fun, but the only stages where she's hard to crack is when she's mad, sad, and worried. And I know she's mad and worried.

I pulled out the chair, settling down on the purple cushion attached on it. Mom sat across from me, obviously more confused than angry. "So about this ""Cleanup"" what happened? Were you involved? Or did you volunteer?" Trust me. I would never want to volunteer. But that's what I told my mom, and surprisingly, she took it.

What really happened was when I saw Mike and Cody unloading almost 10 bags of those foamish bead things that they use in packages. These were huge, huge bags, almost tumbling out of Mike's truck. "What are you guys doing?" I asked walking towards the truck. "Nothing." Cody picked up another bag and threw it down. He was cute with brown hair put into a little quiff. The school was filled with boys with the similar hairstyle, I wouldn't be surprised if the phenomenon took over the world. "C'mon. I wont tell." I said gripping onto my soda from the near by Chick-Fil-A, while helping pull out a bag. Mike smirked at me, moving his dark, black hair out of his face. "We're planning on filling the hall." He told. I smiled at the thought of a large locker hall, filled with white, soft beads. "Count me in. I'll check what time it is." I opened my phone seeing that  we had an hour to fill the hall. "1:00, we have an hour." I said. We began dragging the bags to the hall, ready to fill the hall. 

My thoughts were interrupted by a ring on my phone. 1 New Message Another beep. "Go ahead, Ysabel." I exited the room, opening the texts.

Can u oovoo? I need ur name.

Btw its kc frm earlier

I then realized who the anonymous number was. I saved her number, turning on my laptop.

Hey my name is yssy_yssybel (not a real oovoo that I know of) whats urs so i no

After receiving her name, logging into the site, and accepting her call, I smiled to see 8 other people grinning. "Well if it isn't the lovely Ysabel!" "I call dibs on calling you Yssy!" "No way!" "Yes way!" I smiled at Cody and Jordan's bickering. This will be a good summer.

Longer chapter! Ysabel's name is pronounced "I-za-bell" and Yssy is "I-ss-ee"

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