Summer '13

Are you ready for summer? Of course. Away from school, from people who you considered "acquaintances", just from stress and work and everything else you've either couldn't stand or hate or maybe even things you couldn't work out because once again, you were longing for that time of year. Summer.

What happens when 9 teens decide that this would be not only the best time of their lives, but prove that it was something they longed for?

Well this may be the start of Summer '13.


4. K.C.


"Whoo Hoo! Summer time!" Laura yelled off in the distance. "2k13!!! Whee Hee!" I yelled back, even though we were walking right next to each other.

There were some 4th graders on the grass in one of their lawns. They stared at us like we were crazy, probably thinking that after they were done with high school, they would be like us. Laura shot a peace sign at them. "Sup! Can we hang with yall? That is if you guys have enough caprisuns."

She yelled. I laughed at her, bumping into her. As we got closer, I realized that those kids were sitting on Gregory Ross' lawn. Gregory Ross a.k.a. my ex. "Hey that's Greg's place." I leaned in. "Interesting. You know we never got revenge on that little twit." She implied on when Greg and I broke up. He spread a rumor that I gave him a bj and he had proof on his phone, just to get back at me. It was funny and stupid, since we never went far. But like always, Greg's plan failed when one of the football guys stole his phone and searched with the rest of the team for the video. Guys.

"So? I don't have an idea. What would we do?" I asked, cautious of when we passed the house. The kids were still staring at us and Laura stuck her tongue at them. I swear I heard one of the kids whisper "Bitch." to their friend by them. "You're not good at whispering!" I yelled back, satisfied with the girl's flushed face.

"I dunno. We could tee pee." She suggested. "Naw, too common." I denied. Suddenly her face lit up. "I know what we can do. But we're gonna need a little help." She smirked. I smiled. 

Leave it to Laura to come up with a cruel yet amazing plan.

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