Summer '13

Are you ready for summer? Of course. Away from school, from people who you considered "acquaintances", just from stress and work and everything else you've either couldn't stand or hate or maybe even things you couldn't work out because once again, you were longing for that time of year. Summer.

What happens when 9 teens decide that this would be not only the best time of their lives, but prove that it was something they longed for?

Well this may be the start of Summer '13.


1. Jessica


I looked around the empty room. Here I was, just because of one decision. Not that it was bad. Okay, it was pretty bad. But it's not my entire fault that everything I find pleasing is either illegal, fattening, impossible, or risky.


The door opened to show a tall, gawky boy.

Next a short girl in black pumps

A blonde, mishevious smile wearing boy

Two girls with the same hairstyles, but different colors

An athlete type of girl in volley-ball shorts

A kid who had similarities to Tyler Oakley

and one girl with an infinity tattoo.

Then there was me, in this one room.

"Don't try nothin' stupid." The grumpy janitor grunted.

My mind goes back to what happened.

Obviously these kids were there.

Not sure why but they were just there. They were just stranngers who came at the right place and the right time.

These 8 other teens were at the scene of the crime, maybe I'll call them my partners in crime.

But I didn't have time for jokes, not in a time like this one.

I slowly glanced at the others, who were all sitting, scattered.


That's how I felt at that exact moment.


"I saw we leave. No one's gonna care, it's the end of the year, what are they gonna do?"

My body tensed.

I turned to the gawky boy.

"If we leave," I said slowly. "We would get in more trouble than we already are."

"You know what we did. It wasn't smart." I stressed the subject.

The blonde boy spoke up. "But when we did it, smart didn't matter. We just did it, because we could. Like now, we can go. Who knows? That idiot of a janitor could be sleeping right about now." 

It was true. Summer break just started, they wouldn't give a flying fuck if we left. We might as well break out.


And we did it.

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