Summer '13

Are you ready for summer? Of course. Away from school, from people who you considered "acquaintances", just from stress and work and everything else you've either couldn't stand or hate or maybe even things you couldn't work out because once again, you were longing for that time of year. Summer.

What happens when 9 teens decide that this would be not only the best time of their lives, but prove that it was something they longed for?

Well this may be the start of Summer '13.


2. Destiny

My red hair gleamed in the sunlight. It was a beautiful day indeed, but escaping the school had me worried.

What if the janitor found us? What would he do? Would he tell our parents? What would my parents do? Would dad lecture me? Woulld he take away my iPod? My phone? My Debit Card?! The questions swirled around my head like bees. I couldn't even stand straight.

I stopped straight in my tracks. "No, no, no, no, no. We can't do this, I can't do this. My dad would be so mad, and my mom would be so disapointed." 

They all turned around to face me.

"It'll be ok. As long as we run, maybe he won't catch us." Dawson smiled. I felt better right away.

Dawson was my best guy friend, I would do anything for him. Lately we've been hanging out so much, I felt, you know, more attracted to him. His bleached hair made girls (maybe me) swoon, it was a magnet.

I continued on walking with the rest, feeling lighter and lighter every step I took. We eventually parted ways, Dawson and I both talking to eachother while going down the road.

I still got chills from realizing what I had done earlier.It was a part of me, I've never seen before. I was always the shy girl in our grade, and I did something like this? It amazed me.

I climbed onto my bed, turning on my computer and going through my tumblr, seeing what everyone planned to do this summer. I saw pictures of the "thing" that happened today, with captions like, "My school is better than yours." or "Can't believe this happened."

It made me think more and more about the upcoming three months and that's when I realized that those teenagers I was with were my new compadres.

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