Fixing You

This is a Harry Styles fanfic. It is loosely based off of Dark(for those of you who've read it you already know the gist.) this isn't nearly as explicit. I'm not as old as the wonderful writer of Dark so therefore, I'm not willing to go as far in my writing although I wholeheartedly respect her and her fanfic.


2. Where It All Began

10 Years Earlier:

"Done!" I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror of the dressing room. I had my hair cut short and choppy; cute with a bit mischievous rocker, as I liked to think of it. It laid in playfully curled layers. I had on a thick sheet of black eyeliner and dark colored eye shadow with strategically applied globs of mascara to make my eyes look bigger and a brighter shade of brown. I had lightly brushed my cheeks with a shimmery baby pink blush to my cheeks to make myself look my age and as a combatant against the dark red lipstick clear gloss combination. To add to my daring look I'd selected, or more accurately had selected for me, a tight fitting white tank top, even tighter fitting skinny jeans, black combat boots and a black blazer. Next to that was a pink striped Victoria's Secret bag with a note. "Wear this. It's hot!;) Please? -L" I take off the tissue paper after bracing myself. Louis has a strange, shameless sense of humor. I open my eyes and peer into the bag to find  a black push-up bra with a load of tiny pink hearts on the cups accompanied by a matching thong. My best friend, Louis, would have a lot of explaining to do.

  I role my eyes, scoff, shake my head and half smile. I make sure the door is securely closed and get dressed. Just as I button the button of the blazer which seemed to have been tailored to me Louis waltzes in. "Yep. I was right." I glare at him. "I look like a cross between Amy Winehouse and a hooker, not that there's much of a difference!" The annoyance clearly evident in my voice."Amy was hot! And I thought you liked her?" "Louis William Tomlinson! You can't go off saying things like that about dead people! And I do! Doesn't mean I want to have her style." I laugh. "Fair enough" he chuckles as we sit on the little couch. "So what song are you singing?" He inquires, sliding his arm around my shoulder. With any other any other guy, that would have made me feel awkward and uncomfortable, especially in given attire, but I've grown up with Louis. He's my best friend and sudo-brother. I go to him, Gabi, Mackenzie and Niall about everything. "Kiss with a fist by Florence and the Machine." He mocks surprise. It's my favorite song at the moment. We both giggle. "Then I REALLY picked the perfect outfit!" He struggles to regain control of himself. I'm about to comment on exactly what I think of the outfit but just as I open my overly exadurated mouth, my mobile chirps. "Good luck on your first performance tonight, sweet heart! Stick it to those stuck up, anorexic mingurs up there! Sorry I couldn't be there! I love you so much! Tell me all about it tomorrow!" My mom works nights at the village hospital. "Thanks, mum! I sure will! I love you, too! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow! I'll text you when I get home so you don't worry and to tell you good night! Have a good shift" I hit send.

  I check the time; 7:15. Fifteen more minutes until I would take a stage for the first time. Mr Tomlinson, the only father figure I've ever had and owner of the pub, walks in. "Hey dad!" Louis and I chime in unison as we crack wide, crazy grins. "It's official. I'm raising two numpties!" He exclaims. "We prefer tweedle-dee and tweedle- dumb!" He sounds highly on the offense. He rights himself and grabs my hand, jettisoning me up with him. Lou turns towards me and we share a knowing glance. Thus we began our best impression of the twins from Alice and Wonderland. Louis and I high five each other as we finish our sporadic, scatter- brained routine.

  I was about to  resume my couch potato-hood when Mr. Tomlinson says "Let's have a look, Bethie!" He uses his own nickname for me. He is the only one that I would let get away with it. He grabs my hand and methodically turns me in a circle. Lou Lou knows I hate attention from anyone, much less guys because I've never had a real boyfriend and am kind of puritanical about some things, so he whistles. I spin around and kick him in the shins. "Nice one!" His dad holds his hand up, waiting for contact. "I guess you just found out the hard way why they're called 'combat' boots, huh, buddy?" I snort, making us all laugh as Louis grimaces and rubs his smarting knees. The lights flicker and we hear the ding that signals that we have five minutes left. "Great idea installing the theater lights, dad." I notice, approvingly. "Cos Gracie and I could have gone on all night like that!" Louis uses the nickname that stems from my middle name, Grace, which according to Louis is much more fitting for me. We burst into Carry On by FUN.  "If you're lost and alone, or you're sinking like a stone, carry on! May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground and carry on!" We sing in harmony. Lou has a great voice. He tells me that I have a great voice all the time but never believes me when I tell him the same and that he should go out for X-Factor U.K. "Well, my head is on fire. But. My legs are fine, cos after all, they are mine. Lay your close down on the floor, close the door, hold the phones, show me how. No ones ever gonna stop us now." I belt. I can feel that my range has improved. Those first and last notes were much easier to hit. I've always had a powerful alto voice, though. "Cos we are. We are shining stars. We are invincible. We are who we are. On our darkest days when we're miles away, we will come and we'll find our way home!" Louis joins in and I back off to give him his chance. "If you're lost and alone, or your sinking like a stone, carry on. May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground and carry on. Oh woah, woah, oh woah, woahwoah oh oh oh oh oh waoa.c carry on, carry on." He finishes in his Nate Rouss-Esque voice. His father applauds our impromptu performance. "Listen to you Louis! That was amazing!" I gush! "Listen to ME? Listen to YOU! I can tell that your range has improved since last time we did that! Doncaster's got its own Christina Agulara!" He hugs me. I can't help but blush. Louis and I are usually more into, as the Killers so aptly put it, "glamorous indie rock and role" but we both like FUN. despite the fact that its relatively main stream. 

  As I walk on to the platform, I hear scream and cheers 

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