Fixing You

This is a Harry Styles fanfic. It is loosely based off of Dark(for those of you who've read it you already know the gist.) this isn't nearly as explicit. I'm not as old as the wonderful writer of Dark so therefore, I'm not willing to go as far in my writing although I wholeheartedly respect her and her fanfic.


1. The Happy Here and Now

"Elizabeth! Liz! Can you come here for a sec, babe?" My husband, Harry, called from what sounded like the balcony. "Coming, love!" I assured him. We'd been running errands earlier that day when Harry had dropped me off, seemingly randomly,  at the new boutique in town that I had mentioned  I'd been wanting to go to. Our two beautiful kids smiled at me from the rear-view mirror before I get out of the car. Darcy is four and Lucas is two. "You lot have a crazy daddy!" We all erupted into fits of laughter. Harry glanced back at them, too. "Sounds like mummy's got trust issues..." He teased right back. I angled my body to the side so that I could see him better and leaned my head back on the passenger head rest. I stared at his dimples, his crazy mop of curly dark brown hair that I loved to run my fingers through and mess up, his eyes that were a shade of green all their own, and that sweet, endearing, beautiful still broken but slowly healing grin that hinted at his past and mine. As I sat there, looking at my family, the loves of my life, Fix You by Harry and I's favourite band, Coldplay, came on the phone that we had plugged into the adapter. He grabbed my hand and stared into my eyes although his gaze felt like it went so much deeper. I closed my eyes and felt our hands together, his and mine. As the song ended, I was reluctant to open them again. I didn't want this moment to end and I felt as though if I kept them closed, then maybe it wouldn't have to.

  Harry placing a large hand over my eyes shook me back into the here and now. "You aren't planning on running me into walls, are you?" I smile as I tease the balance, grace, and stability that I wish I had. "Not unless you're into that kind of thing..." He deeply chuckled in my ear as he moved my shoulder length brown hair to one side as he lightly kisses the back of my neck and slides his free arm around the place where my rib cage starts in a way that he knows that I can't resist. He feels my heart beat quicken at his affection and judging by how hot my face feels to me, I can tell that he feels it, too. After seven years of marriage and a solid three years before that, he still knows how to make me blush. After two kids, he still makes me feel like I am the only girl in the world. 

  Harry leads me to another room and I feel a breeze that tells me that my hunch had been right. He takes his hand off of 

my eyes. It's our balcony but it doesn't look like it. It's been lavishly decorated and the little table has been set with a white table cloth. The wedding china has been set out along side the champagne flutes. Harry pulls my chair out for me before sitting down himself. "I'm Darcy Ann and I'll be your server tonight!" She says with her fathers enthusiasm. She smiles a younger, brighter, less damaged version of his smile. 

  Darcy looks like Harry with her wavy, soft, thick, dark hair, milky complexion, and one of a kind green eyes and full dark pink lips. 

Lucas wasn't as lucky. He takes after me more than Harry. We both have dark, thick, corse, brown hair that turns nearly black in the winter. He also has my olive skin tone and milk chocolate eyes.

  Harry tells me I'm beautiful every day at least once but I still have my insecurities and doubts.

Lucas is also beautiful. He too has enough of Harry's features that not even I can ruin him. I can already tell that he is going to grow up to be like his father: tall, muscular, sensitive and sincere. Lucas teeters onto the balcony. Harry lowers himself out of the chair and onto the space of ground beside it to be level with little Luke. "Lucas Daniel,if you don't leave right now, the Tickle Monster is going to get you!" Lucas yells "no!" and darts off. But before he can get too far, Harry extends his arms and grabs him. He tickles our rosy- cheeked two year old for a few seconds and then blows onto his tummy "Daddy stop it!" Lucas laughs. Harry finally settles little Luke onto his hip and kisses the top of his head. I grab Darcy's little hand and scoot her onto my feet and danced her around the promenade to where the boys where waiting. We came together, our beautiful children and us. We hugged and I breathed in his scent. It was something that was sweet and subtle and distinctly him. That scent used to scare me. It used to mean pain and suffering. I used to hate that scent. It wasn't always like it is now. Things are great now, but every so often, I can't help but think about our treacherous beginning. The points in the past when I would have given anything for him not to touch me...

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