Well what can i say, my legal guardian told me to write in this diary because she thinks im having problems over the death of my fathers or my adoption, yes fathers they were both gay and I had no problem with them for that, but my schoolmates yes they did have a problem with it, for that reason I never made friends, I'm alone and i always will.


6. 27/3/13

Diary so here's the story,

I was at Oxxo with Zach and he well... first  ate an ice-cream, then we talk about this and about that, and then, well actually  this is my favorite part of the story.....(dramatic music)..... he kissed me, and Chloe (chapter 2) was looking at us like, wow what she isn't a lesbian?, then she took a pic of us kissing send it to all her contacts, i know it because Zach got the photo, and I was like yaaay!. but actually I'm feeling bad about Alissa, but, I don't care a lot about her at this moment I just care about my relationship with Zach, my life is perfect right now, or that's what i thinked.


XoXo, Alessandra




Hi, thanks to all  you people who read Afraid but i think I wont be able to update tomorrow, sorry.




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