Well what can i say, my legal guardian told me to write in this diary because she thinks im having problems over the death of my fathers or my adoption, yes fathers they were both gay and I had no problem with them for that, but my schoolmates yes they did have a problem with it, for that reason I never made friends, I'm alone and i always will.


4. 25/3/13

Diary got to tell you something,

When Alissa came to my house, well we were just relaxing eating pizza, it was really good, we were watching Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey movies, and we started talking about guys, fashion, and other things that girls usually talk about "What you think bout Zach?" she said  "I don't know him, don't think nothing about him, just that I found him a little bit attractive"(well nope, i fund him very hot, wish he was my boyfriend, but he is perfect, and I'm, well I'm far away from perfect) with that she kissed me, I tried to pull away from her, but i couldn't, not because she was stronger than me, it was because I liked it,Im not a lesbian, but the truth is i like the kiss, I don't like her but, her lips were so soft,her skin woah her skin was magical and her hair was just beautiful, thats all I could ask for but, I wasn't lesbian, no, because even if I didnt told you diary, I like Zach. I don't know what to do, I'm so confused right now, I wish one of my daddies were here, or the two, I dont know whats happening to me, I like Zach not Alissa, but i loved the kiss she gave me,

it was perfect,

it was magical,

it was my first kiss.


XoXo, Alessandra  

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