Well what can i say, my legal guardian told me to write in this diary because she thinks im having problems over the death of my fathers or my adoption, yes fathers they were both gay and I had no problem with them for that, but my schoolmates yes they did have a problem with it, for that reason I never made friends, I'm alone and i always will.


3. 24/3/13

Hello diary

Im in the school right now so I'm going to write after class, have algebra cya.

*After Algebra*

So, Caitlin and Bruno were kissing, all class long, and I was jealous, not sure if of Caitlin or of Bruno. We have new students their names are Zach and Alissa, Their hot, both of them (what am i saying??). I hope that no one tell them about that supposedly I'm lesbian. I'm not good at making friends but for an unknown reason i want to be friends with Zac and Alissa. TTYLD (talk to you later diary) 

*After Lunch*

Alissa is now my friend, think so, she said she will come to my house tomorrow, to see  movies, and eat some pizza as she usually does, its gonna be the first time someone that is not in my family comes to my house,. I'm so exited. luckily no one told either Alissa or Zach about my problems, if  I can call it that way. I think God hear my prayers.


XoXo, Alessandra.


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