Well what can i say, my legal guardian told me to write in this diary because she thinks im having problems over the death of my fathers or my adoption, yes fathers they were both gay and I had no problem with them for that, but my schoolmates yes they did have a problem with it, for that reason I never made friends, I'm alone and i always will.


10. 23/4/13


Its been about four days that i don't write so......... First i gave the collage to Zach, and he said that he loved it and gave me a deep kiss, he can come to school tomorrow, and Alissa today putted a letter in my locker, it said:


Dear Alessandra,

 now that i know that you don't me, love i have nothing to do in this life, no one knows this but the reason i became lesbian is that about two years ago my sister and my parents died in a car accident, i was really sad about that so i started doing drugs and all that, so one day a girl called Amanda raped me, one time and another and if i said something she would kill my aunt, i was just twelve so what could i do, my aunt is all i have, we have that in common except that you have Zach too, writing and re-reading this letter is so painful that i would commit suicide right now, but i wont do it for you, i know you wont understand this words meanings right now, but you'll understand them later.



What does she mean with you'll understand them later?, what i am supposed to do to understand them, idk anyways i'll talk to her tomorrow.


XoXo, Alessandra.


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