Well what can i say, my legal guardian told me to write in this diary because she thinks im having problems over the death of my fathers or my adoption, yes fathers they were both gay and I had no problem with them for that, but my schoolmates yes they did have a problem with it, for that reason I never made friends, I'm alone and i always will.


14. 15/6/13

I almost told Zach today, I was like "Zach I love you I know we promised we wont keep more secrets but I have something to tell you I'm---" in that minute his stepfather arrived, he told Zach that his mom was in the hospital, i hope she is okay, I almost tell him i feel bad the secret is gonna last longer, I don't want it to last longer, i don't even know when i'll see him again, he might stay awake in the hospital, I heard his mom was really sick



XoXo, Alessandra.

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