Emma is a 21 year old girl who is madly in love with her boyfriend Phil
But does she have feelings for his best friend dan?


3. Dan

I caught the bus just in I gazed out the bus window I thought what kind of mess had I started?trying to feel less guilty st myself I listened to all of my voice messages from Phil he was so sweet."I'll see you in a few minutes baby..By the way I've left you some treats in the press just incase you get hungry ,I  love you,Phil..after I'd listened to all 423 of them (on my headphones ) I still couldnt help feeling So guilty and gutted .     20 minutes later

As soon as I got home I ran into my so called down stairs bedroom .i sat there on my bed for a solid 20 minutes just thinking about everything .Just then I heard a sudden creak coming from the hall...."Hay girl Hay." was Phil...Eeek Phil I jumped up on him wrapping my legs around him pinning him onto my bed ...howd you get in??"how'd you think,even when I tell you not to you still leave the spare key under the plant pot he says .Oh my god I've missed you even though it's only been like one or two days .i can't bear be without you!. A few minutes later......I help Phil look through all his social medias and I help him reply to his fans .awh they love you so much I say to Phil .yeah but not as much as I love you he says as we rub our noses together.hes the sweetest boyfriend ever I think to myself .today flashes before my eyes ...i thought I'd forgot about dan .seems like I hadn't .it was 10 I clock already !!oh my god Phil says ,I better head its getting late .but Phil can't you just stay the night I ask hoping hell say yes...I'm sorry hun but I can't I have to make a new video tommorow ,I promised the fans I would.he says thinking about everybody but himself.cant the video wait,or maybe you could film here I say hopefully.i havnt got any equipment here and I have some props I need to use he says..I sigh and nod ok fine then you can go I laugh .he  kisses me on the cheek before leaving my dump of a home in his little black car .about an hour later......I ring Phil to make sure he's arrived home safe.he answers with"hey em whats up" oh nothing I reply" hey I was wondering if you wanna come over tommorow night ?he asks .of course I would I reply .ok then I'll buy some sweets and get some popcorn and then I'll pick out a movie on Netflix k? Deal I say. So what time will I come over to you're place at I ask? Whatever suits you,dan will be there all day and Ill be home at around half sixish ,oh yeah and we can watch the movie with dan I'd say he'd like that. Phil says....ugh dan I think to myself .not him I'd have I face him  again.yeah sure I say to Phil in the worst faker accent EVER!!ok then cya tommorow he says ,and by the way is come to the house early if I were you coz we want some maltesers for when we watch the movie ,and you know dan he'll eat them all in a minute be says laughing..haha okay I say trying to sound nice as I really don't want to see dan especially

when we're ALONE !! Ok then Phil says Bye love you.cya later baby I reply ..........oh god was I gonna have to face Dan again  alone.!!!!! 

Hey guys sorry for a bad chapter I'm really tired and couldn't think of anything but I hope you liked it xox thanks for reading ~Emma <3


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