Emma is a 21 year old girl who is madly in love with her boyfriend Phil
But does she have feelings for his best friend dan?


1. Collage

I feel the warmth of Phil as my cheek brushes off his as I kiss him goodbye .Another year of collage...i say to myself! me and Phil have been dating for over a year and a half now.he and Dan have their owns apartment together and I don't wanna butt in coz three's a crowd.I have to rent out an old rundown flat .its the nearest and cheapest I can get to Phil.Emma don't leave please he says pushing me against my locker,kissing my neck.i tell him I need to get a degree on marketing if I want to get a job I like!Babe can't you do the course next year we need to spend more time together.i see my best friend Cadie walking over to us (phils arms around my waist)Get a room guys she whistles at us .I blush and pull phils hands off me embarrassed .hey Emma you coming to class ?yeah I'll catch up with you I say to her.phil I need to go I tell him .i start to cry ..I wipe the faded black blotches off of my face .phils eyes get all glassy and teary.Baby don't makes me sad when you're sad he tells me .we barely get to see each other already and I'm so sorry it's all my fault Phil I could of tooken the course next year I tell him burying my face in his chest.I wave to him my books in my hand I feel like such an idiot why did I do this?cadie has saved a seat for me and I sit down and but my head on my desk.cadie rubs my back and comforts me.Cadie I'm so lucky to have a best friend just like you I say as I hug her tight. 20 minutes later.blah blah blah blah blah EMMA are you even listening??miss Winslow asks.cadie kicks me under the table I must have fell asleep!I can't concentrate all I can think about is Phil! I was deeply in love with this man .when our hands touched it was like nobody in the world could hurt our love.i ran out of class and into the bathroom I locked myself in a cubicle .My life was a mess.cadie rushed in and banged on the door.Emma you okay let me in come on let me talk to you.i unlock the door and let her in we talk for at least an hour in there and miss two classes!cadie brings me out of the cubicle and we both look in the mirror .i look a mess my mascara has ran down my cheeks and my foundation looks blotchy from crying .I look down at my jeans and my white croptop.We need to get you dolled up cadie says exited take your mind off Phil. I don't know cadie I say worried...well I finish MAKEOVERS we both say it at the same time .JINX!!! Hahahahahahahah we burst out laughing hah we're such little kids she says to me sticking my sunglasses on her head as she takes out her phone.Pose...haha Bebo stunner .Love you .we better go we only have time to go to one more class before we go home she says rushing out the bathroom door.kk !!!

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