Emma is a 21 year old girl who is madly in love with her boyfriend Phil
But does she have feelings for his best friend dan?


2. Apartment

30 minutes later

I wave to Cadie as I walk out of the wondering grounds that is my college.i rush to try l to catch the bus as it leaves the bus stop .Darn I say under my breath .i catch the next bus around ten minutes later

30mins later 

At phils apartment: I walk up to phils door and knock On the latch .. Dan answers .Wazzup my babes he says to me joking ..shut up dan I laugh (we've always got on so well)phils not here he says .CRAP !! I've took the bus  for nothing I say annoyed at myself .You could just wait untill he comes back  Dan says.i nod .i can't think of anything to say its so awkward !..hey wanna come to my room he says,I've got a mac book you can use it if you love that ,I need to text Phil I say just to let him know I'm sent.dan sits down beside me I've got some really sick beats .dan says proud of what??ive got some Muse other songs 1 or 2 adele songs.i love adele I say put some on !! "I wish nothing but the best for you too" haha we both sound like a cat getting ran over I say .i know he replies.the music is so touching I say.i put my hand on the computer desk ,dan puts his hand on top of mine, I giggle.he gazes into my eyes I gaze into his .ive never noticed the sparkle he has in his deep brown eyes .he leans in to kiss me .i do to .i retreat just as our noses touch..I can't dan .im in love with Phil okay..I rushed out of the apartment and down to the bus stop.i felt terrible,I really liked dan .he was one of my best friends.when our hands touched I got this feeling ,not even the feeling I get with Phil.Was I falling in love with Dan??

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