Summer '09

18 year old May Jones was on ordinary girl with loving parents, a brother, a dog and a boyfriend, Niall Horan. When Niall suddenly leaves to the X Factor without telling May, everything spirals out of control. Niall has a new life and so does May but her heart is still broken. Her family are torn apart and she is left alone. 3 years later they cross paths and everything changes again.


27. Weird Sensations

May's POV

I sat down on my bed and stared out the window as the sun shone through the window pane. I hadn't moved for about 5 minutes. I was due to leave in about 10 minutes and I just couldn't seem to think straight.

My hand moved unconsciously to my neck, where my necklace normally sat but it was gone. No doubt that he had thrown it away or just lost it somewhere. My neck felt so empty and exposed, I was so used to the metal tingling my skin and making me feel somewhat special.

I took my hand away from my neck and looked down at my lap, which my arms were resting on. Newly fresh scars were visible just under my bracelets and I quickly fixed them so that they were now nowhere to be seen.

It was the most painful thing that I had ever done to give that necklace away, especially to the person that gave it to me. No matter how much he hurt me, that necklace meant so much and his face when I gave it to him, broke my heart.

But in some ways I was glad I had given it back. It showed him that I could survive without him and the necklace, that I was stronger than I looked even with a black eye and a bruised face.

Luckily, my eye had returned to half a normal colour and it wasn't so embarrassing going outside. My bruise was nearly back to normal and putting makeup on actually hid it this time.

My phone rang beside me and I smiled to myself when I saw that it was Josh calling. It still broke me that I was lying to him even when we said no secrets but I couldn't tell him. Not now at least, maybe some other time when Niall wasn't there and it would be easier for him to understand.

I picked up my phone and pressed 'answer'.

"Hey Josh," I said happily. "Hey babe, I'm outside so just come to the car when you are ready," he replied. "Great, I will be out in two secs," I said and ended the call.

I was excited yet nervous. It was the boys first show of the Take Me Home tour and Josh had of course invited me. I was ecstatic seeing as I had never been to a concert before, let alone my boyfriends but Niall was going to be there and that just made this situation a whole lot worse.

But I could't do anything about it. I couldn't exactly kick Niall out of the band just so it wouldn't be so heartbreaking seeing him sing for the first time in 3 years, apart from when I was outside his door in his flat. 3 years.

I hadn't heard him sing in the 3 fricking years. Yes, I had heard him once or twice on the radio but live was much different. This time, he would be up on stage, living his dream which he had told me from the day I started to date him.

It was always his dream to sing and be up on stage, be one of the greats and he was certainly living it. His dream had become a reality, the best reality in the world but his dream had become my heartbreak.

Of course I was happy for him but when he had hurt me so much and he didn't even seem to care for the past 3 years, broke every inch of me.

I shook my head, breaking all the deep thoughts running through my mind and grabbed my bag. I sped out the flat, saying a brief goodbye to Sophie and Chloe and then out to Josh's familiar car.

"Hey Josh," I said, pecking him on the cheek as I clambered into the car. "Hey babe, how are you?" he asked. "Good, good," I said. "Where's that necklace gone?" he asked, his eyes burning a whole on my neck.

I decided to act oblivious," what necklace?" "The one you wear all the time, you know? The little key or something?" he said, starting the ignition and driving out of the compound. "Oh um, I lost it. I don't really mind, it wasn't that... erm, special or anything," I muttered.

The amount of strength that took to say those words made me weak and I was forever thankful that I was sitting down, otherwise I would have probably dropped to the ground. "Oh... Well, I guess that I will have to get one to replace it,"he winked.

I chuckled half-heartedly and turned to face the window. "Danielle and El will be there so you won't be alone for the concert," he said. "Er, who?" I asked, raising my eyebrow. "Oh yeah, sorry. Danielle is Liam's girlfriend and El is Louis. They are both super nice and I am sure you will love them," he said smiling.

I smiled back," oh, that's cool. Do, erm, any of the other boys have girlfriends?" "Well, Zayn is with Perrie. You know the blonde from Little Mix? She's really nice and Zayn is smitten but apart from that, no. Harry and Niall are the singletons," he replied.

"Oh, um cool," I mumbled. So it was only Harry and Niall who were single. To be honest, I was glad that Niall was single. Not that I wanted him to be forever alone and wishing that he had never left me, I just... I didn't know what it was.

"We're here!" said Josh happily and jumping out the car. I chuckled at him. He loved concerts and music, whenever someone brought up the subject of music or his work, he would light up and it would take forever to make him shut up about it.

I followed Josh, letting him grab my hand and lead me inside the arena. I could hear the faint sounds of shouting and I was quite surprised since it was still quite a few hours till the actual show started.

Josh pushed open a door and showed his ID to a guard who was standing firmly in front of another door. He let us through, not showing any sign of happiness or laughter. God, he had a problem.

"Here we go then," winked Josh and entered into a large room filled with sofas, a big tv and a small kitchen. Harry, Liam and Niall were spread across the large sofas and I saw Louis with his arm around a brown-haired girl. I was guessing that was Eleanor.

Zayn was on the phone by the window and a curly-haired girl was talking to someone else in the room. "Joshy! May!" shouted Harry. I smiled shyly at him as he came leaping up towards us and engulfing both of us in a bug hug.

They sort of reminded me of Niall's hugs. His hugs were almost addictive and they were one of the things I had missed most when Niall vanished. They would calm me down when I was upset, they would make me even happier if I was ecstatic. They were like a drug.

"Hey Harry," I chirped. "Come meet the rest of the gang," Harry exclaimed, pulling me away from Josh who just rolled his eyes and told me to go along with it. "Now, you know the boys but this is El," Harry said, turning round the brown-haired girl who was in the arms of Louis.

She wriggled out of Louis grasp and hugged me, smiling brightly. She was truly beautiful and I could tell by the way Louis looked at her, that he truly admired her. "May! It's so nice to meet you finally, the boys have told me so much!" she said grinning.

I laughed," it's nice to meet you too and I hope that they have been saying good things." I eyed Louis and Harry who gave me sheepish smiles. Eleanor laughed and nodded," only the best." "Well, now that you have had your little girl talk with Eleanor, come meet Dani," said Harry, pulling me swiftly away from El.

Dani or Danielle was talking to a blonde haired lady to the side of the room. "Dani, Lou! Stop gossiping and come meet May!" shouted Harry. I swatted Harry and he just rolled his eyes at me. "Hey May, so nice to meet you. I'm Dani," said the curly-haired girl.

She too was gorgeous and I could tell that Louis and Liam had snatched up some extremely good girls. "I'm May, nice to meet you too," I replied warmly and gave her a quick hug. "And this is Lou, our stylist," said Harry.

I turned to face the blonde and smiled at her. "Great to meet you," I said. She smiled and nodded," gosh, Josh wouldn't stop rabbiting on about you, I really just wanted to meet you and he was definitely right when he said you were beautiful."

I turned a bright shade of red and thanked her briefly before turning away quickly to find Josh and to regain my normal colour. I spotted Niall just staring into space on the sofa and I couldn't help my eyes lingering on him.

Even if I hated him, he did look very nice this evening. He was wearing some chinos and white T-shirt which hugged his muscles and made him look extra toned. His face turned as if he knew someone was watching him and our eyes connected for a second.

My breath hitched and the tips of my fingers tingled slightly. His eyes softened and he almost smiled but it was too late because I turned away before any more weird sensations could travel through my body. 


Loooong chapter!!! I know it was a bit of a filler but I hope you liked it anyway!!!

Has anyone else heard about the rumours of Liam and Dani breaking up??? I am not sure whether it is true or not but I really hope it isn't!! I love Dani and their whole relationship!!!

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Love you all,

Mina x

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