Summer '09

18 year old May Jones was on ordinary girl with loving parents, a brother, a dog and a boyfriend, Niall Horan. When Niall suddenly leaves to the X Factor without telling May, everything spirals out of control. Niall has a new life and so does May but her heart is still broken. Her family are torn apart and she is left alone. 3 years later they cross paths and everything changes again.


3. Spazzed Up Humans

May's POV

"Henry, get your lazy arse up! The plane has landed!" I said, hitting my brother. "Alright, alright," he groaned, sitting up. I gave him a grin and stood up. I reached to the overhead locker and pulled down our two bags.

"Thanks," he muttered. I chuckled and followed the moving queue out of the plane. I was itching with excitement. The last time I had been on a plane was about 5 years ago. I had been going to see my Aunt Grace in England which is in fact, where I was going now.

"Would you stop looking like some spazzed up human and hurry up, carrying laptops is harder and heavier than you think," moaned Henry. "Someone's grumpy," I muttered. I gave the air stewardess a nice smile and hopped off the plane.

"Ok, so we need to get a taxi now and--" "Um, Henry. I think you may have forgotten my mountain of luggage which we need to get?" I said, glancing over at the baggage collecter. "Oh god, yeah ok. Well, you run ahead and I will get some trolley's."

I nodded and sped off to the carousel. I immediately spotted one of my bags round the other side and sprinted off to get it. It was massive and it was only when I got nearer to it that I realised that I probably wouldn't be able to get it off.

I reached for it and tugged on the handle but it wasn't budging. "Ugh," I groaned and stood back. "Do you need some help?" I turned around and saw a man. He looked about my age and he wasn't that bad looking. He had brown hair and beautiful eyes which sort of reminded me of Niall's.

"Um, yeah. Thanks," I smiled. He returned it and took it off easily. As he flexed to pull it off, I couldn't help admiring his huge biceps. They weren't as big as the ones in the club, like Paul, but my god, they were big. He turned around and I tore my gaze from his guns.

"Er, thanks," I smiled sweetly. "It's fine. So what's your name?" he asked. "May, you?" "Josh. Pretty name you got there," he winked causing me to turn bright crimson. "You travelling alone?" he asked. I shook my head," no. Me and my brother, Henry came together."

He nodded his head in understandment and smiled," well, I gotta head off but would it be alright if I got your number?" "Of course," I said and dug around in my pocket, desperately trying to find my phone. "I handed it to him and he typed in quickly his number as I did to his phone.

"See you around," he smiled and waved. I waved back and smiled to myself. I decided that I was going to start anew in England. I had a whole new life here. I was starting university so there was no time to mourn over Niall. Nope, I was starting fresh.

"Who was that?" asked Henry, tearing me out of my train of thought. "Oh, um, a boy." "No shit sherlock but do you know him?" "Um, I do now," I said hesitantly. Henry and I were twins and technically I was older than him, by two minutes but he still acted as if he was my big brother.

"What was his name and what did he want?" "Ugh, Henry. His name was Josh and he was helping me getting my luggage of the carousel. Now can you quit interrogating me?" I moaned. He raised his eyebrow and nodded.

"Can you help me with my other luggage?" I asked. "Yeah, sure. What do they look like again?" "Er, ones black. Ones black and white and the last one is red." He nodded and scanned the baggage as I felt a buzz in my pocket.

Hey :) J xxx

I grinned like a fool and quickly wrote a reply.

Heya M xxx

"Yo, May. Help please?" asked Henry. I laughed. Henry was in nowhere as close to Josh in muscles. I helped him load my luggage onto one of the trolley's and then his. "Ok, now, we need to go find a taxi and  go to Aunt Grace's."

"Cool," I muttered and waved for a taxi.

1 Cab Ride Later

"These bags are so heavy," I moaned, dragging my smaller bags inside to Aunt Grace's house. "It's your fault for packing so much," said Henry chuckling. "Shut up Henry," I muttered. "May! Henry! How are my little bumblebees?"

I chuckled and Henry grimaced at Aunt Grace's name. "We're good thanks, how are you?" "Oh, good good. Gosh, you do have a lot of luggage," she said laughing as I collapsed on the sofa. My arms ached and I was really hungry. I never ate on planes. The food was disgusting.

"Well, just put them in the entrance and I have some food in the kitchen so-" I didn't hear the rest as I leapt up in the air and sprinted to the kitchen. Food! There were 2 steaming plates of Spaghetti Bolognese. Simple but amazing.

I grabbed my fork and swirled the pasta round it, I grinned like a fool before stuffing the delicious food in my mouth. "Someone's hungry," chuckled Aunt Grace as she and Henry came in. "More like starving," Henry laughed.

"Oh, May. I know the manager of the Starbucks near your Uni and I set up a job for you. Of course, you need to agree but it would be good money." "Oh my god, thanks Aunt Grace. I definitely agree. When do I start?" I squealed, hugging her.

"You would start the first weekend after you start," she answered. I nodded and took another bite of my pasta. "Thanks so much, this is going to great!" Suddenly, my phone buzzed and I looked at it. I smiled when I saw who it was from: Josh

What you doing? And what uni are you going to (not in a stalkerish way ;) ) J xxxx

I giggled and got some raised eyebrows from Aunt Grace and Henry. "Josh?" Henry asked. "Maybe."

I am at my Aunt's house for the night but going to University of London, don't worry about it. :) M xxxx

That's great. I will be in London for a while so I was wondering if you wanted to meet up? Coffee? J xxxxx

Well, I will be working at Starbucks so we can meet there if you want? M xxxxx

That's great, how about Sunday? Text me when you have a break J xxxxxx

Can't wait, bye M xxxxxx

I smiled to myself. I really couldn't wait. Everything was going perfectly. I was starting at my dream university, with a job and a boy that I really liked.


So guys, what do you think about Josh? I promise that Niall and the boys will be featuring in the next few chapters, I am really sorry if it is boring :( There will be more drama in the next chapters :)

I hope you liked it!!

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