Summer '09

18 year old May Jones was on ordinary girl with loving parents, a brother, a dog and a boyfriend, Niall Horan. When Niall suddenly leaves to the X Factor without telling May, everything spirals out of control. Niall has a new life and so does May but her heart is still broken. Her family are torn apart and she is left alone. 3 years later they cross paths and everything changes again.


24. Pillow Fight

May’s POV
We were half way through Mean Girls when my phone started to ring extremely loudly. “Sorry guys, got to get this,” I muttered and pressed ‘answer’ when I saw Josh’s ID.
“Hey Josh,” I said nervously, walking into my bedroom and closing the door softly. I sat down on my bed and twiddled my thumbs anxiously. “Hey May,” he replied.
“So why did you call?” I asked. “I think we should talk about Twitter.” I took a sharp intake of breath. I hadn’t looked at Twitter ever since Niall left, I was too afraid of what I would see.
“Ok,” I said slowly,” do you want to come round? With the boys or something?” “Yeah sure, we will be there in about half an hour. Is that ok?” he asked. “Yeah sure, that’s fine. I will just tell the girls.”
“That’s great, see you soon.” And with that, the call ended. I sighed and tossed my phone onto the soft duvet and flopped down on my back.
What was I going to say to Josh? He was obviously going to be a bit pissed off that I hadn’t told him and it was Niall who found out first but he would have to understand that I was nervous about telling him.
Ugh, I was as nervous as fuck.
I quickly remembered that I had to ask the girls whether it was ok so I hopped off the bed and walked into the sitting room. The girls had now moved up into where I had previously sat and I chuckled to myself.
“Hey guys, I was wondering if the boys could come--“ “YES! OMG, YES! WAIT, DID YOU ASK IF THEY COULD COME ROUND BECAUSE THEY CAN!” shouted Chloe.
“Someone’s a directioner,” I muttered,” so I am guessing that they can come?” “Yes, omg! I am so excited!” squealed Chloe, bouncing around on Sophie who was currently trying to push Chloe off.
“Just to remind you Chlo, that you do have a boyfriend,” Sophie said. Chloe stopped bouncing and I burst out laughing. “Nice one Soph,” I chuckled, leaning on a chair to keep me stable.
“I know that guys, I am just excited because it’s not every day that you get to meet the biggest celebrity’s in the world,” Chloe argued. “Of course Chlo,” Sophie winked and shoved Chloe fully off the top.
“Guys, I mean it. Max and I are perfect,” she said confidently. “I know,” I smiled and I meant it. Max and Chloe were practically meant to be together. They were so cute and every time he came round, they would just be so adorable.
Normally, I would tease them and I would say that it was cute and everything but on the inside I was just breaking. It just reminded me so much of Niall and with each kiss or hug or smile at each other, my heart would tear a tiny bit more.
If that was even possible.
“Come on, they are going to be here soon,” I said, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at Sophie. “Hey!” she shouted and threw a pillow at me. “Oh it’s on!” I shouted and grabbed as many pillows as I could muster, as well as blocking some flying pillows.
Oh yes, multi-tasker, right here, right now.
We had completely forgotten about the fact that the boys would be coming over until we heard a loud knock at the door. We all froze and our eyes widened.
“Oh. Shit.” “Fuck.” “Fucking shit.”  “What the fuck are we going to do?” asked Sophie. “Um, you guys get the pillows. I will answer the door and stall them.” They both nodded and started to rush around the flat, grabbing pillows and putting back pictures and other stuff which we had managed to knock over.
I took a deep breath and opened the door. “Hey boys,” I smiled. “Hey May, how are you?” asked Louis. “Good thanks, how are you all?” I asked. “Great!” “Lovely.” “Cool.” “Ok.” “Amazing.” “Fantastic.” I waited for Niall to reply but he just grunted in response.
I saw Zayn nudge him and he jerked his head up,” oh um, fine.” I rolled my eyes and smiled at Josh slightly. “Nice hairdo by the way,” commented Louis, winking and chuckling slightly.
I touched my hair and felt a massive bump at the front of my head. “Shit,” and I slammed the door right in their face. I ran to the mirror and nearly smacked myself. I looked like someone had run over my hair, then laid something in it and then decided to run over it again.
I fixed it so it looked somewhat presentable and went back to the door. I opened it and smiled at them again. “Thanks for slamming the door our faces,” chuckled Harry. I gaped and apologized quickly. God, I was vain.
“So are we allowed to come in?” asked Zayn. “Oh um.” I turned round and scanned the flat. It looked fine and the girls were nowhere to be seen, so I guessed that they were getting ready.
“Yeah sure, sorry about that,” I mumbled. I kept the door open for them as they all trundled through the apartment. Niall was the last to come through and he didn’t even look at me.
Even though I had meant what I said, it hurt that he was now ignoring me. Apparently he cared for me but he was pretending that I wasn’t even there.
I sighed and followed them into the sitting room. Louis and Zayn had already made themselves at home, sitting down comfortably on the sofa and flicking through some magazines.
“Oh hey May,” said someone from behind me. I turned round and saw Chloe smiling at me, although her eyes often darted to the boys. She had got changed from her trackie’s and was now wearing some skinny jeans and a pretty floral top, with her hair in a messy bun.
I rolled my eyes at her and replied,” hey Chloe.” I turned round to face the boys and they all smiled at her. “Boys this is Chloe, Chloe, well. I know you know who they are,” I said giggling slightly.
She went slightly pink but covered it up quickly by giving them a quick wave and smiling brightly. “Hey!” they all shouted out. She laughed and Sophie came down. She had also got changed and was now wearing some shorts and a cropped top with a heart on it.
“Boys, this is Sophie. Sophie… You know them,” I said, smiling as she also gave them a quick wave. “I’ll just go get some drinks,” said Chloe brightly and raced into the kitchen.
Sophie started speaking to Zayn and I was left standing there awkwardly, avoiding eye contact with Josh or Niall, not that Niall was really looking at me.
“Your friend over there, Chloe, is looking might fine,” whispered Harry, his eyes focused on the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and whispered back to him,” and she also has a mighty fine boyfriend.”
He immediately stared at me and I burst out laughing. “Nice one Styles, going for the girls that are already taken,” I laughed. “Shut up,” he muttered and hit me on the arm.
“And don’t even think about getting in between them Styles. One, they are literally perfect for each other and two, if you even dare, you have to deal with me, who boxes and Sophie who does karate.”
His eyes widened and he nodded quickly. “Good,” I said and walked away from him. I suddenly bumped into a hard chest. A very hard chest. I looked up and saw Josh, his eyes full of concern.
“May, can we speak for a second?” he asked. I nodded slowly and took a deep breath, while he found my hand and pulled me to the corridor.
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