Summer '09

18 year old May Jones was on ordinary girl with loving parents, a brother, a dog and a boyfriend, Niall Horan. When Niall suddenly leaves to the X Factor without telling May, everything spirals out of control. Niall has a new life and so does May but her heart is still broken. Her family are torn apart and she is left alone. 3 years later they cross paths and everything changes again.


13. My Eyes were Like Fountains

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1 Hour Later

May's POV

My eyes fluttered open and I heard," God Karen, you're so stupid." I chuckled slightly and stretched my arms and legs, realising that my head was resting on someone's lap. I smiled as I saw Josh fast asleep and I took my head gently off his lap.

It was around 5ish so I was surprised at how dark the room was. The boys had shut the curtains to give us 'the movie affect' and it was only the tv which showed any sign of movement. I smiled to myself as I saw the boys fast asleep like 3 year old's.

I wasn't surprised they were tired. They had such hectic schedules and I bet they were super glad for this weekend. I glanced over to the chair which Niall had sat on and I realised that he wasn't there. I felt my eyebrows furrow together as I wondered where he would be.

This was his flat so he was probably in his room but I couldn't help the twisting and turning in my stomach telling me that I should go look for him. I sighed and pulled off the blanket which Josh and I were sharing. I laid it back over him and tred carefully over the boys, making sure I didn't wake them.

I felt a burning fire through my stomach as I entered the kitchen and I didn't know whether or not to make myself something to eat. I wouldn't have minded if the boys had just taken something from my fridge but I still had only known them for less than 24 hours and I didn't know whether they would get mad. Needless to say that this was Niall's flat and he didn't like people taking his food.

Well, there had been one exception. Me. I didn't want to sound totally self-centered but he would never let anyone share or take some type of food from him apart from me. I always found it quite funny but Niall seemed to be quite serious of the fact.

I noticed a packet of opened chocolate biscuits and I couldn't help my fingers reach over and grab one quickly. I stuffed into my mouth hungrily and sped out the kitchen before I felt the temptation to have one again.

It was really dark and I found myself in an unknown corridor. I looked round, seeing faint outlines of pictures on the walls and a mantle piece at the end of the corridor. I dug around in my pocket and quickly turned on the torch on my iPhone.

I shone it and looked round. There were 2 doors on the right and the same on the left. They weren't open so I was guessing they were bedrooms. I couldn't help wondering why the hell would 1 person need 3 guest bedrooms but since I guessed that the boys crashed here a lot I moved on.

I crept down the corridor, pausing past ever door if I could here anything. I came to the last door after hearing or seeing nothing and stopped as I heard the majestic voice I hadn't heard in 3 years. 

I'm broken, do you hear me?

I'm blinded, 'cause you are everything I see,

I'm dancin' alone, I'm praying,

That your heart will just turn around, 

It scared me to realise how much I had missed his voice. I had missed those nights where I would fall asleep with him singing to me or when we were in the park, he would bring his guitar and just sing and we (well Niall) would normally get a crowd of people. He would just smile and carry on. I hadn't known how much I missed this.

And as I walk up to your door,

My head turns to face the floor,

'Cause I can't look you in the eyes and say, 

When he open his arms, 

And holds you close tonight,

It just won't feel right,

'Cause I can love you more than this, yeah.

My heart melted as he and I felt a tear slip down my cheek, rolling gently down my face and splashing onto the carpet. 

When he lays you down, I might just die inside,

It just don't feel right,

'Cause I can love you more than this,

Can love you more than this.

More tears kept on cascading down my face. My eyes were like fountains, constantly spraying out more and more water. It was hard to describe the emotions filling up inside of me but there was the truth which I hated to admit.

I missed him dreadfully and somehow I didn't hate him. He broke my heart, tore it into 2 completely but there was something which was begging me to forgive him even though I knew I couldn't. 

If I'm louder,

Would you see me?

Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?

'Cause we are, the same,

You saved me, but when you leave it's gone again.

And then I see you on the street,

In his arms, I get weak,

My body fails I'm on my knees,


I crumpled to the floor not able to control the tears. I didn't understand what was happening to me. Just the sound of Niall's beautiful voice could bring me to tears. 

When he open his arms,

And holds you close tonight,

It just won't feel right,

'Cause I can love you more than this, yeah.

When he lays you down, I might just die inside,

It just don't feel right,

Cause I can love you more than this.

He stopped strumming his guitar and I heard him put his guitar down softly. I scrambled up whilst trying not to make a sound and rushed away, trying to find the door back to the sitting room. I found it and flicked off my torch as I heard the sound of a door clicking open.

I ran back to the sofa where Josh was still currently in a deep sleep and lay back down softly, pulling the blanket over us as quietly as possible. I closed my eyes and snuggled into him. He stirred slightly but soon fell back asleep and I breathed out.

I saw Niall walk in, his eyes focused on me as if he knew I had been there listening to him. How would he? I shook it off and closed my eyes tightly, trying to forget my tears and the memories of Niall. 


Sad chapter :( I didn't realise how long this chapter was going to be, in fact I was inspecting to apologize for how short this was but it's quite long!!

I hope you liked it :) There wasn't much action but I needed to show you all her feelings and stuff. All that romantic shit... :P 

Next chapter = a bit more sad and stuff but interesting (hopefully). It will be called: The Pizza Man

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Love each and every one of you,

Mina x

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