Summer '09

18 year old May Jones was on ordinary girl with loving parents, a brother, a dog and a boyfriend, Niall Horan. When Niall suddenly leaves to the X Factor without telling May, everything spirals out of control. Niall has a new life and so does May but her heart is still broken. Her family are torn apart and she is left alone. 3 years later they cross paths and everything changes again.


31. Just Tell Me

Firstly, I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry that I haven't updated in ages!!! I have had a serious case of writer's block and so much was happening outside of movellas!!

I know, that if you read Haters Gonna Hate that I have updated that but I had already written those chapters beforehand and just had to write the author's notes so I am deeply, deeply sorry about not updating this!!

Updates will now be much faster and I know what is going to happen for the rest of the book so here we go............ ;)


May's POV

The boys waved to the crowd and I clapped my hands wildly as did Eleanor and Dani. "That was amazing," I squealed. Dani laughed and Eleanor joined in, hugging me tightly. "Come on, let's go meet the boys," said El, tugging both Dani and I out of the seats.

We wormed our way through the crowds of people and finally arrived at the familiar door, leading us into the backstage area. The all-too-familiar bodyguard glared at me which I returned with a sickly, sweet smile and walked through the door with a big sense of purpose.

Once we were in, Dani and El both ran to their boyfriends while I went around, trying to look for my own boyfriend. My mind was fixed on Josh but my eyes seemed to be having different ideas, often sneaking glances at Niall who was talking to Zayn, an almost sad look in his eyes.

Finally, after a long time of looking, I bumped into the hard figure of Josh. "Hey Josh," I said happily and pecked him on the lips. He smiled but in his eyes, I could tell it was forced. "Hey May," he said, his tone sounding rigid.

I frowned slightly and brushed my hand against his cheek," what's the matter Josh. You don't seem... You." He shook his head and forced another smile, except with a more steely look in his eye.

"I'm fine, honestly," he said. I sighed and kissed his cheek softly," if there is anything I can do, tell me. I don't like seeing you like this babe." His figure stiffened but again, the smile rose up to his lips.

"Thanks babe," he said and kissed me on the lips. "So, what are we doing after this?" I asked, once we drew apart. "Well, I think we may be going clubbing or something," he said.

I froze and Josh frowned. "Is everything ok May?" he asked. "Of course," I said, slowly regaining back my composure. I hated clubbing, I just wasn't a 'club' person. All the images that came to mind were blonde bimbos with dresses too low, grinding against men who were intensely drunk and came for a one night stand.

"I can tell you aren't, tell me what's wrong," he said. "Honestly Josh, I'm fine," I said. His eyes narrowed and the grip he had on my hand tightened. "Just tell me May!" he said roughly.

My heart was beating fast and my wrist was getting in more pain every second as he continued to squeeze. "Josh, I'm--" "Just fucking tell me!" he shouted, causing the rest of the room to fall into silence.

But Josh didn't seem to notice, his eyes were fixed on me with a look of hurt and hatred glistening in his eyes. "Get the fuck off her," growled Niall. Josh's eyes slowly moved from me to Niall, his grip never weakening.

Something triggered off in Josh's eyes and Niall stood there, obviously scared but on the outside had his fists clenched, ready to punch Josh in the face even though we all knew that Josh was a lot stronger.

Suddenly, I felt the blood supply to my wrist return and the pain to reduce. Josh gave Niall one last glare before turning to me. Why was he acting like this? His mouth opened to speak but was interrupted by Louis speaking up.

"So, um, how about we go out then?" There was a chorus of agreements but I stayed completely silent, still contemplating with tears in my eyes, what had just happened. I felt another tugging on my wrist but this time it was much more gentle.

"Come on May, let's go get your mind off things," said El softly. I just nodded, knowing full well that my mouth wasn't capable of speaking. El rubbed my back and gave me a sympathetic look but that didn't make me feel any better.

I just wanted to know why Josh was acting like this! He had never done that and I am sure that if the boys had known he had been like this, they would have been less shocked than they were today.

Josh's POV

I watched him as we all get into the separate cars. No one was really speaking, all too in shock to say anything.

I kept my eyes focused on Niall, the way that his eyes were in deep thought and his eyes constantly sneaking glances at May. This simple act infuriated me and May was doing the same thing.

What was going on between them? I had to find out. But before that, I was going to watch some more. I needed to really know that something was happening between them. They never seemed happy together, they never seemed to be in a good mood after seeing each other so I didn't understand why they were constantly looking at the other.

The cars pulled up to a stop outside the club and I immediately clambered out, spotting May and grabbing her. I pulled her into the club, hearing her sniffle. I felt bad, immensely bad but she didn't know what she was doing to me, keeping these secrets and pretending that I didn't know.

"Josh! Please!" she whimpered. I spun round and glared at her. "What?" I spat. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she shook her head.



As I said at the beginning, I am super, super sorry that I haven't updated in agessssssssssssss!!!! But I promise more updates!!!!

Dramaaaa =D More drama coming up in the next chapter as well!!!

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