Summer '09

18 year old May Jones was on ordinary girl with loving parents, a brother, a dog and a boyfriend, Niall Horan. When Niall suddenly leaves to the X Factor without telling May, everything spirals out of control. Niall has a new life and so does May but her heart is still broken. Her family are torn apart and she is left alone. 3 years later they cross paths and everything changes again.


6. Just let go of Me

May’s POV

Recap: He removed his shades and I gaped. It was Niall.


We both stared at each other taking in each others new features. He had definitely grown and I was still shorter than him. His hair had been bleached blonde but you could still see the brown roots at the bottom. I hated to admit but he was more handsome than before.

Suddenly,  I realised what was going on and that Josh was still waiting so I ripped my hand out of his and tried to run away but he was too quick and grabbed me by the wrist. He pulled me back and stared into my eyes. “Please, let me speak to you again,” he said.

I was shocked and didn't move, just stared at him in awe of the fact that he thought that I would just 'speak to him' like that. "You want me to speak to you again! After what 3 years? Niall, just let go of me," I said angrily, tying desperately to move my hand out of his.

His grip stayed firmly over my wrist but he run his fingers over the bracelets, not letting any sign of struggle out. I felt myself wince and I looked down at my wrist. He had moved them out of place and I was panicking desperately. His eyes followed mine and gazed at my cut wrist.

"Please, Niall. Let go of me," I begged, tears streaming out of my eyes. Why was this happening to me? After everything was going perfectly. "No, who did this to you? Why did you do this?" he pleaded. I stopped moving and stared at the ground.

I could feel his eyes piercing me but I didn't reply. "Please May," he begged. I looked up and glared at him," I didn't do this. You did." And I ripped my hand out, this time successfully and ran away, wiping the tears which were furiously rushing down my face. Josh was still standing there and he was looking rather nervous.

I wiped my eyes for the last time and walked bravely up to him. He looked relieved to see me but turned to a face of worry. "May. Oh my god, are you alright?" he asked, laying a finger on my cheek. I nodded and forced a smile. "Of course. Sorry I took so long, my boss, er, wanted to speak to me," I mumbled.

He just looked into my eyes, searching them for the answer and I tried my hardest to show that it was. He sighed and nodded," ok but you look pretty shaken up. Was your boss... trying anything or--" Eww, no Josh," I squealed in disgust and slapped him on the chest playfully.

He chuckled and put his hands up in surrender," sorry. Sorry. I just thought." "It's nothing. Honestly," I said, forcing another smile. He smiled and slipped his hand into mine," so I thought, maybe the park?" I nodded eagerly and we both walked away from Starbucks.

Before we left though, I turned my head round quickly and saw Niall staring at me. His eyes worn and hurt, fuelled with anger as well as his eyes glanced to our interwoven hands.

Niall's POV

I felt as if a dagger had been stabbed into me as she said those 5 words. "I didn't do this. You did." It hurt but I knew what she mean't and I wished that I could go back 3 years ago and redo everything. Maybe things would be different. She wouldn't be going off with that familiar guy and maybe she would be back in my arms.

I watched her as she talked to the man and I saw him inspecting his face. He was wearing another one of his hats and now put on some shades. He was just so familiar.

Suddenly, I felt myself boil up as he slipped his hand into his and they walked away but May gave me one last look. I glanced at her and then their hands together and I felt hurt but if anyone should feel hurt, it wasn't me.

I slipped away from the boulder and took another sip of my-now-cold coffee. I took a look at my also cold panini and sighed. Normally I wouldn't give up food hot or cold but right now, I didn't feel like it. I chucked the panini in the bin and made my way back to our flat.

May's POV

"So, do you wanna maybe meet up again?" Josh asked nervously. Our 'meet-up' had gone really well and I had enjoyed every minute of it. He had bought me an ice-cream (even though I had spent years begging him not to or to let me pay for it) and we had sat by the lake, talking comfortably.

I nodded and smiled," I would love to but next time I am paying for my own ice-cream. No, actually scratch that. My own food in general or any purchase I want to make." He laughed and nodded," we'll see about that."

There was a moments silence as he looked down at the floor fidgeting with his coat as if he wanted to ask me something. "You know, I really like you," he blurted out. It caught me by surprise and I couldn't help my mind flickering back to Niall but I mentally punched myself and returned back to Josh.

"I really like you too Josh," I replied, starting to twiddle my thumbs. "No, like, really like you. Like, like," he said, staring at me. I smiled nervously," well, I really like you too. Like, like." He stared at me in disbelief and then grinned.

"So, um, I will text you or call you when you want to meet up?" he asked. I almost laughed at his response and nodded. "Great, I will see you then," he said and kissed my cheek, leaving it there longer than it should have been.

He gave me one last wave before disappearing down the corridor. I didn't move for ages and then jumped around, doing some sort of happy dance. The door flew open and Sophie and Chloe squealed. "We heard everything! Aaah, it was adorable!" squealed Chloe.

"I swear to god, that was like the cutest thing I have ever seen!" exclaimed Sophie and wrapped me in a tight hug. "When's the wedding?" Chloe winked at me. I just laughed and tried not to show the pain which twinged inside of me.

They said that me and Niall would get married and for a time, I actually believed them. They said that the world would have to end before me and Niall didn't get married and in some cases my world did end, 3 years ago. But then now I was starting again. Well I was trying to. 


DRAMMAAAA!!!!!!!!! GOD, I was freaking out while writing that whole scene. It took me ages to write that and it wasn't even that good :p But kinda cute at the end =D Tell me who you think would be better: Josh and May or Niall and May?

Still deciding whether or not to continue... 

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