Summer '09

18 year old May Jones was on ordinary girl with loving parents, a brother, a dog and a boyfriend, Niall Horan. When Niall suddenly leaves to the X Factor without telling May, everything spirals out of control. Niall has a new life and so does May but her heart is still broken. Her family are torn apart and she is left alone. 3 years later they cross paths and everything changes again.


20. He wasn't worth My Tears

May's POV

Tears were trying to break through the walls of my eyes but I wouldn't let them through. I wasn't even sure what I would be crying about. Was it the tweets or was it Niall? Or was it the fact that Niall had found the tweets? 

“Wait, so you knew?” asked Niall. I rolled over so I was lying back on my bed and nodded. I waited and waited for an answer, each second going past made me more and more nervous.

“Why didn’t you tell me,” Niall asked. I was shocked that he had asked me that. He thought that I would tell him? Him of all people!

“You actually think that I would tell you Niall? You left me! And you fucking think that I am going to tell you that people are hurting me! The last person that hurt me was you, so I didn’t exactly think you would care!” I said angrily, my voice was raising ever so slightly.

He winced as I said it but I couldn’t care less. I was fuming. Niall thought I would tell him even though I hadn’t seen him for 3 fricking years! Who did he think he was?

“You should have at least told Josh or one of the boys! We are here to help you!” he said, his voice rising like mine. I glared at him and shook my head.

“I don’t think you understand Niall. There is no ‘we’ in your band. It’s Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Josh. I don’t trust you and I won’t ever! So don’t think that you are here to help me because the last time you ever did anything for me, you hurt me!”

He stood up and his chair screeched loudly, causing something to trigger in my head and cause it to pound.

“You should have told someone and don’t think that I am not going to! You don’t think that I care about you but I do so think whatever you want to think but I do fucking care and I always will! I’m telling the boys and this will stop! You can thank me later!”

And with that he walked out the door and slammed it shut. I felt myself crumple in my bed and even though it hurt my eye, I couldn’t control the tears spilling down my bruised face.

Why was I crying about Niall? He wasn’t worth my tears. But I couldn’t get his words out of my head. He said that he cared for me. Why would he care for me and how could I trust him?

I meant what I said. I didn’t think that I would ever trust him again, if he wanted it, he would have to prove it and really earn it. He couldn’t just say he did and not do anything about it.

But what was Josh going to think? He was my boyfriend and I knew he was going to be hurt that I didn’t tell him, needless to say that Niall found out before him but hopefully he would understand. I didn’t need any more stress than I already had with Niall and everything.

Niall’s POV

I stormed out the room and down the corridors, glaring at anyone who looked at me. I pulled up my hoodie and put on my sunglasses as I stepped out into the street.

She thought that I didn’t care! How would I not care if I was at the hospital, with her in the room with no one else there? But what hurt most was when she said that she would never trust me.

Did she mean it? I felt like smashing something up. I was raging and slammed the door as I stormed into my flat. I punched the wall and hardly flinched because the pain that my hand was feeling, was nothing compared to the way May was making me feel.

“Niall, what the hell!” shouted someone. I turned round and my eyes narrowed as I saw Zayn and Josh rushing up to me. “What the fuck just happened Niall?” asked Josh.

I shook my head and I could sense that Zayn knew something happened with May but he didn’t say anything. “I just met someone in the er, street,” I muttered. “What did they do to make you this angry?” asked Josh.

“They… It’s nothing,” I trailed off and went to my room, searching for the first aid kit. I had no idea why Josh and Zayn were here and I wish they weren’t, I didn’t need Josh’s pathetic bullshit about his girlfriend who was killing me inside.

I heard a knock on the door and I just grunted in response. The door opened slowly and Zayn poked his head out. “Hey mate,” he said, walking in and shutting the door. “What are you doing here?” I asked, ignoring his greeting.

“Well, Josh came because he was going to wait for you to ask how May was but he didn’t have a key, so I offered to come with him,” Zayn explained. “Couldn’t Josh have just rung me?” I asked bitterly. Zayn shook his head, sighing lightly.

“He’s worried mate. He isn’t thinking straight and he didn’t think of it. He was tired and I didn’t want to cause an argument with him so I did what he asked.” I just nodded and Zayn sat down on the bed.

“What happened with May,” he asked. My hand slipped and I yelped as a massive amount of Dettol (cleans cuts and stuff) splashed onto the cuts on my hand. “You ok mate?” asked Zayn.

“I said that I met someone in the street, not that May made me angry,” I said. “I know but I don’t believe you,” Zayn said simply. I sighed and placed some plasters onto my hand. “It’s nothing,” I mumbled.

Josh's POV

Zayn had gone to check on Niall but they were taking too long and I wanted to know what was happening with May. I was worried but I had calmed down a bit since we had come home.

"What happened with May?" I heard Zayn ask as I neared Niall's room. I paused and placed my ear up to the door. "You ok mate?" asked Zayn. What had happened to Niall? What was happening?

"I said that I met someone in the street, not that May mad me angry," Niall replied but there was a slight edge to his voice. It sounded like he wasn't telling the truth. "I know but I don't believe you," Zayn answered.

There was silence until Niall answered," it's nothing." What was that supposed to mean? Did May make him angry? I walked away slowly from the door and back to the sitting room, pondering over what I had just heard. There was something that they were both keeping from me, I wasn't sure if Zayn knew as well but I needed to find out. 


Dramatic chappie!! At the part where May was all like 'you think that I trust you and stuff', I was like GO May!! Hahaha but did you like it??? I spent kinda a long time on this chapter so I hope it was good! And Josh is starting to get suspicious...

We have hit 20 chapters!!! And 19 faves!!! Thank you so so so so much all of you!!!! Special thanks to 1dbiggestfan!! She said that I had a gift at writing and even though I don't think I do, thanks a lot!!!!

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Love you all,

Mina xoxo



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