Summer '09

18 year old May Jones was on ordinary girl with loving parents, a brother, a dog and a boyfriend, Niall Horan. When Niall suddenly leaves to the X Factor without telling May, everything spirals out of control. Niall has a new life and so does May but her heart is still broken. Her family are torn apart and she is left alone. 3 years later they cross paths and everything changes again.


11. Harry Afro Styles

I don't even know how but I was up from midnight till 3 in the morning straight doing this chapter... I hope it's good!! And it's extra long :)


Niall's POV

I finished off my last piece of pasta and wiped my mouth, grinning. The food was truly amazing but it could never match up to Nandos. I glanced round the table and saw the others, apart from May who had finished as well, polishing off the last of their meals.

"I don't think that I can have dessert," groaned Louis, sitting back and clutching his stomach. "Me neither, I'm with you on this Louis," mumbled Harry. "When are you ever not with Louis," muttered Zayn, getting some death glares from Harry.


Louis just grunted in response and my eyes settled on May. She was looking like she could eat another meal, actually a whole menu. Josh was staring at her with wonder and a smile. I couldn't help feeling sad. Every time I saw Josh, I desperately wanted to be him but I couldn't.

"Are we leaving?" asked Liam. "Yeah but I don't know whether I will be able to move," muttered Harry. May chuckled and our eyes caught but she stopped laughing and the humorous glint in her eyes vanished. "Well, I will er, just go to the toilet before we leave," she said, breaking her gaze from me.

The boys nodded and Liam waved for the bill. I stood up and everyone stared at me apart from May who had already left. "What, I'm just going to the toilet as well," I said and followed May cautiously.

May's POV

I left the table, feeling somehow guilty towards Josh. All I had done was connect eyes with Niall but somehow it seemed so much more. I shook my head and and quickly asked a waitress where the toilets were. She pointed me to the back and I thanked her, speeding off.

I looked at the clock as I rushed to the toilets. It was 3:27 so I had spent nearly 2 hours here. I found myself at 3 doors and looked at the little people signs at the top of the doors. I found the women's and reached over to push the door when someone grabbed my wrist and flung me round to face them.

Niall. How could I guess?

"What do you want Niall," I hissed angrily. He was slightly taken aback by my anger but soon recovered and answered," I need to speak to you." I rolled my eyes. He was really pissing me off. After 3 years, he wants to talk?

I ripped my hand out of his and stepped closer to him, almost frightening myself as well as him. I never expected myself to be this angry.

"You know I have people back in Ireland who want to rip your guts out and the next time you see them, I'm going to let them because you 'want to talk' after 3 years of nothing? That's ridiculous and if you think that I am going to agree then, you must be an absolute idiot."

"I know I didn't contact you but I had-" "Quit making excuses. I'm here for Josh, not for you, so please, for once in your life, stop making my life miserable," I snarled and spun around, storming into the girl's bathrooms.

Niall's POV

I just stood there absolutely stunned. I don't know why I was so surprised that she hated me, I just felt that there was this tiny bit that was keeping her from hating me but I was wrong. The look in her eyes when she saw me equaled absolute hatred and detest.

All her words cut into me, hurt me like hell and there was no way that they wouldn't. But I knew she was right. I was horrible. And yet I still had the nerve to just ask her to talk. I was an absolute idiot, like she said and in that moment, I wondered how I even had friends.

I turned around and walked back to the table. I had never really needed the toilet, I just wanted to talk but now I knew that 'talking' wasn't the answer.

"Where's May?" asked Josh interrupting my thoughts. I shrugged," probably still in the toilet." He nodded," are you alright?" I nodded and walked away, joining the others in their highly immature conversation.

May's POV

I stared at myself long and hard in the mirror. My eyes were dark and full of anger yet sadness. I hadn't expected me to get so mad and if I hadn't controlled myself, I would have let everything out but I swore to myself that I wouldn't. I wouldn't let him know, no matter how much he deserved it, how much pain he had caused me and my family.

I ran my hand through my long hair and shook my head softly. I ran the tap and splashed the cold water onto my face. It felt so nice and refreshing, bringing my back down to earth from pure hell.

I breathed out and looked at myself again. I didn't even need the toilet now. Curse Niall and his ways to control my bladder. I sighed and straightened up. My eyes looked softer and less angry and my shoulders had relaxed a bit.

I heaved a sigh and walked out, trying to act as normal as possible. Josh and the boys were waiting just before the entrance and I quickly rushed up to them, my eyes flickering to Niall and then back to Josh who was flashing me a smile.

"Hey, sorry I took so long," I said giving Josh a quick peck. "It's fine, don't worry. We were just discussing whether you would like to go back to Niall's flat with us? We'll just watch some movies and stuff," he said.

I shook my head," I, er, don't think I can. I mean the girls will be waiting for me and--" "Come on May. It'll be great and you can get to know us better," said Harry sending me a flirty wink. I chuckled while Josh gave him a glare and put his arm protectively round my shoulders.

Harry put his arms in surrender laughing," don't worry Jo, she's all yours." Josh relaxed a bit then looked at me," so you in?" "I don't think so, I have--" "Please May, we will make it worthwhile!" said Louis pouting slightly and giving me the puppy dogs.

As much as it was hard to disagree against those powerful eyes I shook my head," I'm really sorry, I just can't." "PLEASE!" they all asked apart from Niall who was avoiding me evidently. "I--" "She's coming," said Harry happily, grabbing my wrist and dragging me out of Zizi's.

"Harry afro Styles, stop it!" I hissed. "Don't say it too loudly otherwise we will get mobbed and have no choice to bring you home," chuckled Harry, his grip not budging. "Fine but please can you let go of me?" I asked.

"Nope," he said simply and threw me in a random car which I guessed was his. "Josh will take his own car back to Niall's. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a car ride with us!" he said happily. I groaned and banged on the window for help.

"Shut up, you'll look as if you are getting kidnapped," muttered Harry. "Well I am," I said and continued. "STOP!" he shouted and I turned around stunned. He chuckled," finally." I rolled my eyes and sat back, giving up on trying to leave because I knew I couldn't.

"By the way my middle name is Edward not Afro," he said as the others jumped in apart from Josh. I grunted," Afro suits you better since I am not sure what to call your wild mop of hair, Edward certainly doesn't suit it."

"Hey, my hair isn't wild!" he complained giving me a hurt look. "Whatever gets you to sleep at night," I muttered," now can we leave already. I thought this was supposed to be fun?"


So I think this was one of my better chapters. Not really sure but tell me what you think in the comments below!!

I don't really know why but that chapter reminded me of Gossip Girl? I think it was the part when May is all like: "I didn't come for you Niall" etc. Because you know in the first episode of Season 1, Serena is like to Nate: "I didn't come back for you" I didn't copy it on purpose or anything, it just came to me while I was writing it and it made me laugh a bit.

I'm sorry if that sounded a bit strange to anyone who hasn't watched Gossip Girl (but you really should! It's amazing and all the series have finished so you can finish it all off!) Has anyone else seen it??? 

May's little outburst was kinda surprising. To be honest, I wasn't actually going to wright it like that but I think I liked this better than them just having some little chat.

Next chapter will be, er, interesting? Not really sure what to make of the idea that I have of it but hopefully it will be good when I write it!!!

I hope you are all having a very good Spring Break!! So glad that I am on holiday even though my hols have been pretty crap and boring... :(  

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The next chapter will be called: A Sledge Hammer and a Bucket of Poison

You know you love me, xoxo,

Mina x

P.S. If you fancy an Imagine, I have a movella for it so you can just comment your name, hair colour, boy etc. (All explained in blurb and 1st chapter) and I will do it for you!!



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