three terrifying tales of terror


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For my 1st silver, I have read three terrifying tales of terror. It is very addicting because when i started reading it i couldn't stop. The book has three stories inside it ,like it says on the cover. one is The first cut , another is The Voodoo doll and the last is the deadly game.

1.The first cut is about a boy who is really quiet, he gets bullied because he is too much of a loser, so he sees some film makers and joins them because the crew is missing. After a while he realizes that the directors and other people are actually creatures and that everything goes according to the script. so he decides to be a bit clever and makes a few adjustments to the script by getting rid of the creatures. He gazes at the script and realizes another thing that everything that had happened to him that day was all part of the script.

2.The voodoo doll is about a girl called Megan who's parents are divorced. Megan thinks this is because of her dad's new girlfriend but it is actually about her mum and dad fighting. so Megan feels a bit of evilness inside her and decides to make a voodoo doll of her dad's girlfriend, as a joke. She tries putting a pin in her stomach and calls her dad to see how his girlfriend is and he says that she had a little stomach ache but she is fine now. then a evil spirit tries to make her kill her dad's girlfriend but Megan is too strong and from that day on words Megan becomes happy again like she used to be.

3.Deadly game is about a brother who hates her sister and her imaginary friend because their parents pay more attention to his sister because she almost died of a illness, they go on a trip to the heart stone and the little sister wishes that her imaginary friend is her brother . so she has too choose which brother she wants and she chose her real brother Jake because he gives an heart touching speech and because her imaginary friend James is evil. So they have to get to the heart stone to wish everything back.

 1. the boy[Billy] is quiet ,nerdy and kind of a geek

2. Megan is always happy but the evil spirit made her angry but she is brave

3.Jake is a teenager and likes comic so he is a comic fan and he is kind of loving at times but mostly moody. His sister is quiet and caring. 

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