Love me love me not

Madeline never had an easy life when she was 10 years old her parents through her out on the street to live on her own, She is now 16 years old. The one thing keeping her alive is that she is a musical prodigy. she plays just about every instrument, the problem is she can only afford to keep an acoustic guitar, a little radio, and some clothes. she sang in the subway living her life in a routine until Josh, a famous 16 year old that thinks he is way better than everyone else, comes making her life change in a way no other has ever done before


2. Hello?

He Stopped in front of me? Josh Regor is stopping in front of me! no that is not an excited thought, I am beyond angry! Who does he think he is? looking at me like he is a tiger and I'm his next meal! please he can not come here thinking he can just start a charity case! No way will he tou-

"hey there" he said all cocky "You sound Ok"

OK!!! what the heck I sound great, maybe if air heads like him didn't get caught at a good time I would have a better guitar or better strength in my voice. I haven't eaten in 5 days! I can't help it.

"Thanks" I replied "note the sarcasm"

"Well sorry" he said

"who do you think you are" a  blonde girl said " do you know who he is" Circling his face.

"Yes" I said "he is the dirtbag that is stopping me from making money right now, so how about you disappear with your crowd before fatty over there breaks my guitar." (the blonde almost fell on my guitar)

"EXCUSE ME!!!"  the blonde girl screeched "For your info I am his boss and i could make you DISAPPEAR in 2 SECONDS!!!

"prove it and well you work that out there is a nice big corner over there." I hissed

"Forget YOU!!!" she screamed

"Katrina calm down!"

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