Love me love me not

Madeline never had an easy life when she was 10 years old her parents through her out on the street to live on her own, She is now 16 years old. The one thing keeping her alive is that she is a musical prodigy. she plays just about every instrument, the problem is she can only afford to keep an acoustic guitar, a little radio, and some clothes. she sang in the subway living her life in a routine until Josh, a famous 16 year old that thinks he is way better than everyone else, comes making her life change in a way no other has ever done before


1. Catch Up

The Subway seems to smell the same everyday pee and mold, sounded the same everyday rats scurrying and people rushing for the subway, nothing ever changed that was the nice thing, something reliable and easy. Everyday I went down and played music hoping to get a couple bucks, most day I was lucky today was kinda slow but still I get money. Their was some bustling and pushing with a crowd surrounding someone. Who is that???

I got shoved into the wall and just barely pulled my guitar out of the way before someone could have broken it. Girls were crying and screaming begging to get a single touch a single glance, but of what? someone special even guys were screaming? the crowd moved and lurched then people started to spread out making a little room but people still reached out to tough them. Then finally who ever it was poked through the crowd.. in front of me?

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