The One That Got Away

Everyone thinks jade has such a normal life,but in reality she doesn't. She has abusing parents who pick on her all the time, but that changes when she runs away and doesn't know where to go. She then bumps into someone she wouldn't expect to.... Harry Styles!


6. why me?

Jade's POV

I over heard what harry said last night. Why would he choose me over like 11 million fans! Im just a girl who is stupid and has hated life since i was 5.


"YOU get back here young lady before i get you and kill you!" "no leave me alone i hate you!" I could hear my mum was catching up to me very quickly. Then something hard hit me around my head and I blacked out.


Harrys POV

i could hear Jade crying saying "leave me alone i hate you." then she woke up screaming so I rushed to her and told her everything will be okay. She was still crying so I asked her what happened and she told me everything....

Jades POV

I had to tell him now was the right time to so out it all came "Harry i was abused by my parents since i was 5 and i had been waiting for a time to just leave them, but i got to scared and diddnt. Then my mum thew a beer bottle at me and glass went in my leg. But 5 days ago i had everything packed and i jumped out of my bedroom and started to run as best as i could because i had glass in my leg then i stopped and just layed on the floor and got to sleep. Then i met you.... then i had that dream where my mum chased me and whacked something round my head and i got knocked out." I said that while crying and harry just sat there hugging me, telling me it will be alright. 

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