The One That Got Away

Everyone thinks jade has such a normal life,but in reality she doesn't. She has abusing parents who pick on her all the time, but that changes when she runs away and doesn't know where to go. She then bumps into someone she wouldn't expect to.... Harry Styles!


2. what happens next?


i ran in a different direction away from my parents.

*now* jades POV

I just wanted to get as far away as possiable from my parents. I ran until it got dark and i diddnt even know where i was going.I sat down and just cried to myself while i was pulling out the pieces of glass which made me want to just end my life to start off with. I just weeped until my eyelids became too heavy and went to sleep.                                                                                                

Harry's POV

Me and the boys had a massive argument again so i just wanted to get out of the house and have a little fresh air. I got out the house and started to walk,but after 10 minuets I saw a figure on the floor with blood coming out of their leg so I rushed over to them and it was a young girl roughly the same age as me by the looks of her. I shook her to see if she was consious or not. She woke up saying "leave me alone! Who are you?!" I just told her that "my name is harry and i thought you were dead because your leg is bleeding so much! Let me take you to my house and get you cleaned up?" She replied saying with an anxious face "okay only to help me get cleaned up." She could barely walk. I also forgot to get her name "may I ask what is your name?" She answered " my name is jade. Jade Hazelden. I know its a weird name but oh well." I told her "Its a beautiful name for a beautiful lady." I know its cheesy but oh well. She replied "thank you but it not really. The rest of the the way was silent.  

Jades POV

It was a bit weird that some stranger wanted to help me but it almost seemed like he wasnt a stranger, it was like i knew him from something or somewhere but i cant quite get it from the tip of my tongue. We arrived at his house. It was massive! He carefully put me down on the sofa and grabbed a first aid kit and some tweezers and came and sat in front of me. He carefully pulled out the tiny bits of glass that were in my leg as i winced in pain."Are you okay?" he asked concerningly."it hurts a bit but im used to it." so he carried on. After he pulled out all the pieces of glass,he put disinfectant an my cuts which really stung! Then he wrapped a bandage round my leg and i said yawning " im really tired." He said in a happy way,"lets take you up so you can sleep." So he took me up into by the looks,his bedroom and layed me down in his bed. He pulled the covers around me so i was nice and warm,then he said "goodnight beautiful have a nice sleep." I have never felt safer than this before. So with on that i started to drift of to sleep.


writers note

Hello guys!!! so this is my first fan fiction i have made and i really hope atleast 2 people will actually read this but anyways i hope that you like it so far and i will try to update everyday even though it might be a short chapter. And if you want to ask me any ideas then ask in the comments and i will try my best to add them into the fan fiction at some point. xxx


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