The One That Got Away

Everyone thinks jade has such a normal life,but in reality she doesn't. She has abusing parents who pick on her all the time, but that changes when she runs away and doesn't know where to go. She then bumps into someone she wouldn't expect to.... Harry Styles!


5. waking up to Harry styles

Jade POV

My eyes sloly opened as i sat up on the couch,but something pulled me down and that something was harry styles. I cant believe me and harry basically slept together on the sofa. " Lay down with me we dont have to get up yet." Harry said in a really sexy mornings voice. "but ive got to get up to get dressed." I replied in a shy tone. So I got up and grabbed some clothes out of my suitcase and asked harry where could i get changed and he said "in the bedroom next to mine" so i went upstairs and went where he told me to and i started to get dressed. When i was only in my underwear somebody came bursting in the room. It was the blonde one niall!

Niall's POV

I just ran upstairs into a random room because i presumed everyone else was downstairs. So I came bursting into a room, then I saw Jade with just her underwear on! She did look good to be honest the way her body curves into a deep shape and her legs arent like sticks they are just right. Hang on what am i talking about!! I shouldnt be thinking that. then i came back into reality when Jade shouted at me to get out so i did.

Harry's POV 

I heard Jade scream so I rushed upsstairs to see what was the matter. It was niall who she was screaming at to get out of the room because she wasnt dressed. "niall what do you think you are doing!?" "I just walked in by accident i didnt know she was in there god! It wont happen again." Niall replies. I say "good now leave her alone I really want to try and get her to be mine!"

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