The One That Got Away

Everyone thinks jade has such a normal life,but in reality she doesn't. She has abusing parents who pick on her all the time, but that changes when she runs away and doesn't know where to go. She then bumps into someone she wouldn't expect to.... Harry Styles!


14. shopping!

jades pov

i told harry i was going to go shopping today with a friend (it was a lie because i dont really have any accept one who moved to USA) so i went by myself to the shopping center and i texted tallulah in america

J - hey, its jade ive missed you so much! so much stuff has gone on recently, you need to come back to england we missed you and i need your help! x

T - hey,oh my goodness! its been ages since we have talked, im guessing i kinda forgot to tell you, i have moved back, well a few months ago to be excact! i need your adress and ill pick you up you need help and i want to help you! :) xx

J- well okay this is my adress *paste adress here* and its not my house, its my boyfriends so he might answer the door just saying :) x

T- oh okay, well it is quite near to me so ill be there in 15, byee x

J- alright byee

i decided to quickly walk home and tell harry.

~skip walk home~

"hey harry" i kissed him on the lips 

"hey babe whats that mark on your head?" he asked in concern, then touched it. as he saw me wince and he touched it he cuddled me closer.

"urrmm.... well...... i kinda, well being my clumsy self, i tripped over and whacked my head into the locker" i said in a shaky voice 

"but-" he was cut off by the door bell ringing.

"oh thats tallulah, i have to go, bye!" i said and gave him a kiss and opened the door to find Tallulah standing there in shock seing harry in the background 

"y-you know h-harry s-ss-styles?" she said shocked

"urmmm yes, hes my boyfriend come on lets go" i said trying to hurry out so i can tell her what i need help with. she kind of got the jist of what i was on about and we left.

in the car she asked me "whats been going on, what do you need help with?"

"well there are people at school always bullying me still, and i need to change, i need to become a new me!" 

"oh okay i know just what to do!" she said with a smirk plastered over her face.

i wonder what harrys going to think at the end of this! i havent even told him and he will kill me most likely! 

we got to the shops and we bought a load of makeup, short clothes and she even bought ciggerettes and some alcohol! she took a ciggerette out and smoked a bit of it and chucked it on the floor. she wanted me to smoke one but i said no for the moment as i wasn't ready yetto do that but they were there for just in case. I went back to tallulahs house and she took some of the clothes out and wouldnt let me look at myself when i put them on, then she did my makeup and my hair. she told me to look at me in the mirror and i did.....

It was a different Me! My hair was more puffy and back- combed and a thick layer of makeup was on my face! 

"arent these clothes a bit TOO short?" i asked her. i was wearing shorts that showed half my bum and showing my belly.

"no. this is what you have to look like to get all the attention. if oyu dont want to be bullied you have to look like this." Tallulah said with a bit of sass.

im just going to go with it as i dont want to get hurt even more.

"oh yeah, we have one more place we need to go" she said with a smile on her lips.

so we hopped into the car and came to a shop. i diddnt know what shop it was so i just went along with it until i got inside. it was a piercing store! i mean its not that bad but ive only ever had my 2 sets of lobe piercings and i dont know what im having done!

"hey jade we are both going to get out belly button and tongue piercing done if thats alright? its going to make you look badass!" she said in an excited tone! 

"urmmm okay only if its going to stop people from being mean!" i say.

i had just had my belly and tongue done and i went home, well to harrys house. im so scared what hes going to say!

harrys pov

i was with the boys having a lazy day as jade went out with her friends when i heard a knock at the door, i assumed it was jade, she had been out for 6 hours and i haddnt seen her or got a text once! ive missed her! i opened the door to find a girl who looked really different. 

"hey, can i ask who this is?" i asked her

"urm dont you recognise me, it is jade!" she said in an angry tone.

"oh my goodness you look so so so different, whats happened to the old you!?" i asked astonised

i looked through all her bags to see really short clothes and to my suprise i find some alcohol and some opened cigerettes!

"jade, why the hell have you done this to yourself, why have you smoked?!"

she had tears in her eyes explaining to me what has happened. i felt so so so sorry for her but she diddnt need to do all of this. she expained to me that she diddnt smoke those ciggerettes it was her friend and it was part of the change, so were those piercings. 

"i told you never to change please go back to your same old self!" i said angrily

"no i am this now and i want to see if this works, please dont be mad!" she said upset

"im really mad! how could you do this! your stupid, you should never change!" i shouted at her. ive never shouted at a girl before! i feel so stupid. i dont want to talk to her at the moment, im so angry! She ran upstairs with tears in her eyes, i diddnt bother to follow her, there was no point i was angry and i was just going to make things worse. I forgot the boys were in here and they all stared at me like what an idiot i am, and i know.......


hey,im so glad im doing this book again! yaaayy! love you guys! 

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