The One That Got Away

Everyone thinks jade has such a normal life,but in reality she doesn't. She has abusing parents who pick on her all the time, but that changes when she runs away and doesn't know where to go. She then bumps into someone she wouldn't expect to.... Harry Styles!


4. Harry Styles?!

Jade's POV

I woke up to the sound of laughing in a room downstairs. So i got up even though it hurt my leg and went downstairs. I need to find out who this familiar stranger is.

Harry's POV

Me and the boys were having a laugh until we heard someone come down the stairs. The boys were all freaked out but i knew excactly who it was. It was Jade, the one who i helped last night. She comes hobbling into the kitchen where all of us were and the boys just stared at me so I said "guys this is grace. I helped her off the steet because she was covered in blood."  now the boys knew and just nodded. Jade said directly to me "I diddnt quite get your full name?" "my name is Harry. Harry Styles and these are the  band mates from one direction. This is Niall, this is Louis, this is Liam, and this is Zayn." she replied "Hi harry,niall,louis,liam and zayn. I think i know you guys through my friends fangirling over you but i've never seen pictures of you though." I felt so happy that she knew us and she wasn't a screaming fan girl.we told her to sit down so she doesnt hurt her leg anymore.Then i sat down beside her and all the boys went to their rooms. I asked her "why was a pretty lady like you doing in the middle of the streets?" "Ummm..... well i dont know weither i can trust you enough yet ." She started to tear up so i nudged up to her and gave her a meaningful hug and said "dont worry, dont cry you can tell me in your own time." She nodded still crying so I just sat there cuddling her.

Jades POV

I dont know why I started to cry. Maybe he needed to know but not just yet. When he en-golfed me into his hug it felt like we were meant to be. My body went all tingly and we just sat there for hours cuddling and watching TV.


Hello guys!! I cant believe i have got 23 veiws already i thought i wouldnt even get that close to 5 let alone 23!

i really hope you guys do like my fanfic and im thinking of doing a competition for someone to be one of the boy's girlfriends! xxx 

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