The One That Got Away

Everyone thinks jade has such a normal life,but in reality she doesn't. She has abusing parents who pick on her all the time, but that changes when she runs away and doesn't know where to go. She then bumps into someone she wouldn't expect to.... Harry Styles!


8. dont worry jade i'll keep you safe

Harrys POV 

I felt soo bad after jade telling me her story! i just wanted her to be mine. so i lifted her chin up and kissed her passionately. First she hesitated then started to kiss me back. It felt so right!

Jades POV

suddenly harry just leant in and kissed me really passionately, it felt like we were meant to be! So i kissed him back and after 5 minuets we pulled apart then he whispered in my ear...."will you be my girlfriend?" i thought to myself for a moment then i thought if he makes me feel nervous and gives me butterflies then i think he is the one. So i whispered "yes" .......

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